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April Fools Tribble Darts - Chris - 04-01-2019


  Some good April Fools fun from Cryptic today.
  I had thought the Tribble Darts, and the Star Trek Online: Gorn of Discovery, posts on facebook were just fun posts, However, it looks like you might actually be able to go to Deep Space Nine and toss some tribbles.  
(I haven't confirmed this, but found an image at work-)


If this is for real, we might have to have a fleet contest to see who can get the highest score with screenshots to prove it. ; )


RE: April Fools Tribble Darts - Attilio - 04-01-2019

hahaha that's amazing. I hope this isn't only a one day thing.

RE: April Fools Tribble Darts - Akimalyn2380 - 07-28-2019

fyi, this still works, makes for some good fun unwinding... now if only that holosuite would open up already!