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Build Clinic - Attilio - 08-26-2018

I ran into technical issues while trying to get the audio one the website, but its finally here! You can get the first week of the build clinc's audio hereĀ I've also attached a zip file containing screenshots of all the equipment that was discussed during the clinic.

RE: Build Clinic - RWJP - 08-26-2018

Very useful resource! Thanks for the work that's gone into this.

As a suggestion, it might be handy to re-name the screenshots to better describe which item is which, or even put the audio timestamp in the filename. For example, if you discussed the Kinetic Cutting Beam at 13 minutes and 20 seconds into the clinic, you could name the screenshot something like "KCB-13-20.png"

RE: Build Clinic - Attilio - 08-26-2018

The screenshots were taken in the ordered they were discussed so as an item is mentioned you can simply move to the next file.