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"Projectile" decisions.... - warrynnpeese0791 - 01-30-2018

If you had to choose between:

1) The Advanced Isolytic Tricibalt Torpedo


2) Temporal Disruption Device

Which would you choose?

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RE: "Projectile" decisions.... - spacewolf21 - 10-02-2018

Temporal disruption device would be my choice, arguably more useful due to set bonus with tachyokinetic converter which is a great console. Also there are better chroniton weapons now than tric torps

RE: "Projectile" decisions.... - Belgevain - 10-28-2018

Tric torps offer great spike damage, but a shield facing restoring at the wrong moment seriously limits their effectiveness. I run with the Kelvin Timeline torpedo, with reload, as it means I'm getting a weaker torpedo off far more rapidly.

RE: "Projectile" decisions.... - Spester - 11-21-2018

I wouldn't use either.  Yes, they hit and can crit for huge amounts of damage, but if you don't have the CritH and CritD to back it up, they are rather lackluster and are easily destroyed by the enemy if a FAW is used.  If I had to pick from them, it would probably be the tricobalt.