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CAD model - MichaelGill - 01-09-2018

Things are slow at work this morning so I was playing around. Was thinking it would be nice if we could design our own ships to put in game. I'll have to save this file and detail it more down the road.

RE: CAD model - Trudard - 01-09-2018

oh that is a neat idea! You could suggest it.Its unlikely though due to the amount of scripting it would require

RE: CAD model - MichaelGill - 01-09-2018

It would be difficult to do without a doubt.

RE: CAD model - Akimalyn2380 - 01-11-2018

Doing so would create too many chances for more bugs that would compromise the game. It's one of the reasons they decided to keep the game content "in-house" vs have a team just to chase 3rd party coding.

Plus you could just decompile the hogg source files with a 3d ripper to get the ships/parts that way...