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Fleet PvE Commendation Run! - coolkirk1701 - 10-28-2017

As a counterpoint (ha ha) to Rear Admiral JB's idea for the battlezone tours, I'm going to try to start moving fleet teams through the PvEs needed for the Fleet Commendations.  Remember, the more commendations you have, the closer you are to a promotion!

As a reminder, those commendations are in the attachment section.

Please let me know what you think by either replying to this forum, or if I'm online, reaching out to me via PM or the STOA chat channel ingame.

RE: Fleet PvE Commendation Run! - TacPaddy - 10-28-2017

This is awesome for new Fleet members to earn their way up the ranks. Great idea.

RE: Fleet PvE Commendation Run! - MichaelGill - 10-28-2017

Yes. I love that you guys are doing these. I have been trying to get involved in these but it's always a scheduling thing. The more that get organized, the better chance we have at participation. Please keep up the good work and keep us informed of upcoming planned missions. I want to join all that I can.