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RE: Energy type - martinison - 03-12-2015

Wow, two year old thread.  Very nice.  I voted for AP, but also use plasma and disruptors.  Honestly, the mods matter more than weapon type.  For instance I'd much rather a plasma crtdx4 than a fleet AP.  All other things being equal though AP is still king because of the extra crtd mod.

RE: Energy type - revdadam - 11-01-2016

I like to broadly keep things canon.   I use phasers on my Federation ships (usually Andorian as my character is Andorian).  On my Tholian Recluse I use Tetryon and on my Voth Bastion I use Anti-Proton.  I mainly stick to genuine fed ships though. 

For DPS I'm sure I should really change to AP or Disrupter etc. but my DPS seems fine on Advanced STF's

RE: Energy type - RiverSong - 11-01-2016

A variety Smile

My Eng Fed uses antiproton (all beams)
my aoy does all chroniton, I did mixure of beams , torp, etc
My caitian Fed uses phasers
Kdf uses disruptors (combo of beams and torp)
Kdf/rom Plasma

I think Over all I like antiprton and chroniton.

RE: Energy type - Akimalyn2380 - 11-01-2016

Val: plasma beams
Akima: phaser cannons
Nadine: Herald AP beams
Karoni: Disruptor beams

RE: Energy type - revdadam - 07-16-2017

I use Andorian Phasers because my OC is an Andorian Supremacist who believes only Andorians can save the Federation in this era of constant war - so naturally his phasers are Andorian.  Even though it might not be the most powerful build using the Fleet ones is does OK.

I am very tempted to do a Vaadwaur Polaron build though - just don't have the EC for it at the moment.