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[Poll] Best of All - Mika - 02-08-2017

I have seen many times when a new player is trying to decide what is the best class to have and what is the best ship for that class. Everyone has their own opinion about what they like or don't like but this poll might help a new player decide what class he or she wants to go and what is the best ship for that class.

My personal choice is Engineering w/ Cruisers because it allows you to be more universal while giving you an ample amount of support and consoles on the ship...

When you cast your vote, please respond to the topic as well to tell why you like that class and ship so that it can help new players choose what they would like to do instead of having to keep making mistakes or creating / deleting toons until they decide what they want to play as.

RE: [Poll] Best of All - Attilio - 02-08-2017

I've always been Eng/Escort. I love the speed of the ships and damage from the cannons.

RE: [Poll] Best of All - eaglescoutdjb - 02-08-2017

This is really hard for me to answer, what I think is the best really depends on what I want to do with a build.  I like tac for DPS, engineers for healers and tac or science for science heavy builds.  As for ships I like anything with the right seating to do what I went, I'm using a JHDC for a torp boat now and it was also my ship of choice for my DPS build for a long time.  The only one I really stick to the same class and ship types is tac in a tac heavy ship for DPS and even that's not 100% because sometimes I use engineering heavy ships with an aux2batt build.

RE: [Poll] Best of All - James - 02-08-2017

For me it's Tac with Cruisers - really gives me the whole Star Trek sort of feel!

I used to fly Tac with Escorts and thought thats how it should be done, but im having loads more fun running cruisers. I get the defense I want and still have the tac skills to boot!

RE: [Poll] Best of All - Bhaltair - 02-08-2017

Tac / Cruiser, because that's basically what I have been doing so far.

Tactical Captains excel at DPS, while having all the tools at hand to do also everything any Eng / Sci Captain can do.
So while Eng-Tanks are very viable, Sci Captains don't seem to have anything that makes them stand out.
I'm not saying anything new here, have been complaining about for years. I just don't believe there is an easy fix.

The poll list is incomplete though, as it is missing a major ship class: Carriers!

RE: [Poll] Best of All - GThibaudeau - 02-17-2017

Much like Eaglescoutdjb I think the answer depends on what you're trying to do with your build and skills, there is no one size fits all answer. Whats best for me may be terrible for someone else and vice versa. I started out mostly playing as an engineer in a cruiser going for a tanky build, though of late I've come to much prefer an engineer in a dps oriented carrier, this build gives me survivability from my engy skills but allows me to do some decent dps, while my pets give me some flexibility making me more dps'y or defensive based off their orders in battle.

RE: [Poll] Best of All - revdadam - 07-16-2017

I've said Tactical/Cruiser because I think it has the most utility - tanking, huge dps as a beam boat, enough consoles and power to buff team etc.  However, in my experience flying a cannon escort with a tac captain has been the most enjoyable (though at times immensely frustrating!) as it seems so much more involved than trundling along and hitting your boff abilities whilst cycling FaW.

[Poll] Best of All - Monty - 07-17-2017

For me, eng/cruiser. For when I'm in queues, anyway. Set up as a damage sink. For missions, the eng/escort combo is great

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RE: [Poll] Best of All - Cyberknight13 - 07-17-2017

For me I run Tactical and Cruiser. I have leveled all 3 classes and I find the best DPS, with survivability, comes from the Tac/Cruiser combo. I am currently running a Chronos Temporal Dreadnaught on my Tactical toon.

RE: [Poll] Best of All - RiverSong - 07-18-2017

Hmm i usually use science or cruisers. Though I think one or two of my ships can be considered escorts I find the science ones a little easier to use and a little cheaper to buy for. Though the same could be said about escorts also.