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Part Gen Torps - eaglescoutdjb - 11-07-2016

I picked up the Eternal Temporal Science Ship for my radiation build and when I'm done with that build I want to start working on a part-gen/torp Eternal for my KDF tac toon.  Which torps are the most effected by EPG?  I have a PEP but I'm not sure what else to use.

RE: Part Gen Torps - eaglescoutdjb - 11-07-2016

After doing a little research and talking to some people in Valikin's chat it seems like the PEP, Neutronic and Gravimetric are still the best torps for an EPG torp boat.  Might start a new toon for this build like I did with my radiation build.  Maybe I'll start a Romulan, all my main builds are KDF and Fed.

RE: Part Gen Torps - Akimalyn2380 - 12-17-2016

if you're interested in doing a torp build, then OdenKnight is the goto guy for the most experience... have you seen what he can do with a manticore? ;p

RE: Part Gen Torps - Bhaltair - 01-17-2017

As mentioned in a different thread, take a look at this bad boy build, a very good  exotic+torp build: