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Website Changes ...? - Peter - 08-23-2012

Hi all... i was sitting here.. relaxing.. while PW do yet another Shard update Smile and was thinking...

Wouldn't this website be Great if we had a Shoutbox.. ( Chat system ) so we can all still talk when the game isn't online..

I know of a good one for PHPbbs ( what this forum is made in ) ... what does everyone think of the idea lol

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Re: Website Changes ...? - Attilio - 08-23-2012

Are you thinking just for the fleet or anyone?

Re: Website Changes ...? - Peter - 08-27-2012

i was thinking just for the FLEET, just a nice idea so WHEN the shard is down.. we can still talk....


Re: Website Changes ...? - Attilio - 08-27-2012

Sounds good. I'll have to look into it and make sure I can limit it to certain groups. I'm sure it can be done.

Re: Website Changes ...? - Attilio - 08-28-2012

I just set up the fleet chat box. It is at the bottom of the forum home page.