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AoY - New Content - Mikegolfecho - 07-07-2016

So how are we all enjoying it so far?

I was a little boring and made my new character human, male, tac and even made him as realistically like me as I could appearance-wise (which I've never done before).

So far, I love it! I particularly enjoyed someone named 'Flores' getting a huge spear straight through him Smile

What species/gender/career did you pick? What do you think of the new story so far? I haven't been this excited to play in ages Big Grin


RE: AoY - New Content - Glebben - 07-07-2016

Andorian Female, because Andorians are cool and females get nicer-looking clothing options.

I took some pics!

Point-blank range shootout between Klingons and Federation in a narrow corridor. Rages constantly. Nobody's hit a damned thing.

Thanks for that. Numpty.

Tra la la, off I go to report for duty... hmm, this corridor needs a clean, and what's all that noise and people with guns?

RE: AoY - New Content - Glebben - 07-07-2016

Coming soon to the costume store, only 500 z- SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

First temporal probe! Hurrah!

RE: AoY - New Content - Tan92 - 07-07-2016

I actually enjoyed it too!, I love anything involving TOS and time travel (Oh excuse me! temporal travel XD)

(Here's my new toon btw)
[Image: phoxo1_by_sailortrekkie92-da94kbx.png]

RE: AoY - New Content - Mikegolfecho - 07-07-2016

(07-07-2016, 04:19 PM)Sidorna Wrote: Coming soon to the costume store, only 500 z- SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

Oh dear God, where is THAT from??

Looks like a Pakled's onesie! Tongue

RE: AoY - New Content - RiverSong - 07-09-2016

I made an Andorian Female with pink hair. I am really enjoying the new content.

RE: AoY - New Content - Akimalyn2380 - 07-09-2016

The AOY starter arc is ***** AWESOME Big Grin  Really liked it, but i wish it was twice as long. I got through it in a day. But I liked the Pioneer class better than the Miranda... seemed to have better firepower too. the scenery is very well done- I can see why some things were lacking on the existing content before AOY because that's where all the attention to detail was going. It all came together quite well. Personally I'd like to incorporate the 23c spacedock interior into the 25c spacedock as another level via the turbolifts... make it like a "legacy museum" deck. Tongue

But really the only gripes I have (besides the short length and the usual new content bugs) is the cramming it with the other events... no biggie for most vets but for a 1st year like me it's a lot of grinding- trying to farm the favors for all the risa items plus the replay event plus trying to get my new AOY toon up to level 45 in a week to get the replay event items too. the reuse of the "Delta exploration" track had me going "ugh, this tune again?". to me it doesn't fit and seems like it was a quick fix to meet the release date.. but one of the AOY episodes (#3? the promotion) does have a new variation of it that is a much more appealing slower pace... I'm sure there's still a lot that cryptic is fixing.

I have however noticed that they are also adding more voice dialogue to the existing content too, like playing night of the comet, first time none of them talked, now all the toons talk, which makes it feel more like being in the real episode for me... next step would be to use voice synthesizing for our toons and boffs B)

As for my AOY Temporal Agent, Akima, I decided to go with the backstory of her being a great relative to my other toons, sort of like a great great aunt or great great grandmother (haven't decided which yet...) and directly related to my first toon, Nadine (human). Which means that my rom Vallina had a human mother (possibly an Enterprise C survivor, which would be why her father quit the R.S.E.), and my KDF Karoni had a human father (that rescued her mother from Khitomer)... too bad there isn't some way to make a foundry mission up for that using your other toons on the account as npc helpers...Wink

I actually came up with my screen name long ago when ST:ENT was still new on UPN and we would play board games or larp at the watch parties... seemed like a perfect opportunity to give her name some more Time Wink

BTW, I'm surprised that there isn't a thread yet on the locations and codes of the temporal probes... unless that is in fleet members content, which i just joined too...

RE: AoY - New Content - TacPaddy - 07-09-2016

(07-09-2016, 06:58 AM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: BTW, I'm surprised that there isn't a thread yet on the locations and codes of the temporal probes... unless that is in fleet members content, which i just joined too...
I think that is due to the fact that the positions and codes are randomized.

AoY - New Content - wewarren68 - 07-22-2016

My main account has a Human, Female, Science, by the name Emilia. My 2nd account has a Vulcan, female, Engineer, by the name T'Mina.

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