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Eng build, space and ground - ayexeyen - 05-20-2016

Hello everybody,

yesterday Dude asked me to share the build of my engineer.
I would like to take this occasion to have a review from you.
The build is the following:

There are already few problems that I know, mostly the ground skill tree.
For instance I put points on shields and a point on "regeneration".
These points could be better placed.   Also the space tree could be better.
At the moment I am a tanky ship, I like it but I wonder if there is a better
Yes, it's an A2B.  Should I go for something else?

RE: Eng build, space and ground - Rev - 05-20-2016

Hi Ayexeyen, if you're interested in moving out of A2B, and if you're willing to change some of your doffs, you might want to try using three (3) purple Conn Officers that reduce Tactical Team cooldowns.  This should bring cooldown down significantly for your tactical team, meaning you only need to use one copy of it without needing A2B.  These run for about 3-4 million EC on the exchange (as of last week).  Next, do you have access to the Reciprocity trait?  It comes with the Phantom Intel Escort and reduces CD for Intelligence and Tactical abilities by 10%.  I use this on my Fleet T6 Arbiter and have gotten good results from it.  I only need to run one copy of Tactical Team and my Attack Pattern Cooldowns are reduced drastically. 
This should free you from needing to use two copies of A2B, allowing you to use whatever abilities you want.  You should also be able to run Emergency Power to Weapons I now that you have another ENG slot freed. 
You could also get a Zemok Jenro doff, but he currently costs upwards of 100 million EC...

Anyway, hope this helps.  Big Grin

RE: Eng build, space and ground - dudeorama - 05-20-2016

Thanks for that Ayex.  I like scouring other builds for ideas. Man, a few of those starship traits look nice, but I'd need to get the ship and have Delta open for that fine Imp Temp Insight trait, LOL.