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RE: Temporarily AWOL - giantcornsnake - 08-18-2015

It's 8.1, which is fine since I heard a few folks having trouble with STO and 10. I go to pick it up in about an hour. Hoping to get it all set up by mid afternoon and in game Smile

RE: Temporarily AWOL - giantcornsnake - 08-18-2015

Well, I got it and have everything hooked up but of course nothing in my life can go right so the computer input through hdmi isn't being recognized by my HD tv which I have to use as a monitor since I can't afford a monitor too. This is utter horseshit. 

RE: Temporarily AWOL - namikaze - 08-18-2015

Hmm. Most HDTVs shouldn't have a problem with HDMI. Were you able to use your HDTV in the past on your old rig?

RE: Temporarily AWOL - giantcornsnake - 08-18-2015

Ok I got everything figured out! Now just for the game to patch! see you guys in about an hour! Big Grin. Much better computer all around, a nice keyboard and mouse, and my 32 inch HDTV as a monitor. I can't wait!