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7/16 maintenance! - giantcornsnake - 07-16-2015

So the time for Fleet Armadas and Krenim ships is almost upon us! I would just like to point out the launcher just patched for me so I'm not sure if its nearing completion or just something it always does if you open the launcher early. Anyways, I thought I would list the items that I hope to gain after today:

1. Trait slots from the research lab.

2. Reciprocity!!!

3. Krenim Warship

4. Nihydron Destroyer

5. Coalition Disruptor DBB's

6. Coalition Ground Tactics Trait

7. Zahl Heavy Cruiser (doesn't sound terrible and would like another whole Lockbox/lobi set on my toon)

What are you guys looking forward to today?

7/16 maintenance! - robonixon - 07-16-2015

All of the above? Working on the new holding first and foremost for me though, and the armadas.

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - eaglescoutdjb - 07-16-2015

Server isn't back up yet but maintenance is far enough along that I already downloaded the patch.

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - giantcornsnake - 07-16-2015

Its up! Green light is on!

7/16 maintenance! - robonixon - 07-16-2015

Have fun, I have to wait until 8 tonight to play Sad

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - giantcornsnake - 07-16-2015

And... its back down LOL. But I did get Reciprocity, some good doffs, The Squad Tactics trait, and the Nihydron ship. Also alot of bonus pools for currency and most of the doff mission thingies and set them off and they end in 4 hours.

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - eaglescoutdjb - 07-16-2015

Who broke it?  Server was back up before I left to run some errands and I come back to find it down again.

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - sundur - 07-16-2015

So jealous!  Can't wait to get on tonight Smile.

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - eaglescoutdjb - 07-16-2015

(07-16-2015, 05:24 PM)sundur Wrote: So jealous!  Can't wait to get on tonight Smile.

You're not missing anything right now.  Apparently the lag and disconnects were so bad they had to take the server down to fix it.  If they don't do something about this old server STO is running on eventually they are going to break the game.

RE: 7/16 maintenance! - aaaict - 07-16-2015

So annoying.... This always happens when they release a batch of new content... Its more like STO is short for Star Trek Offline....  Confused