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RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - puckalish - 05-01-2015

Rom Sci may be tough, but having a Science captain was never about taking the easy way, now was it? If it were, they wouldn't make us void our deflector warranties.

Since it sounds like you want control to be a part of your build, I would echo the folks saying to go for the Inhibiting Secondary Deflector (if you want to really, really focus on drain/debuff, which can make sense, given that the Plasmonic Leech will pretty much have to play a role in your build, you may consider the Deteriorating one). Depending on what skills you plan on using, look for good modifiers and, if TP or Beardy are not around and I am, I'm down to craft out a few decent ones.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of direction you take.

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - TacPaddy - 05-01-2015

(05-01-2015, 04:23 PM)robonixon Wrote: The SRO Boffs are more useful than the singularity powers which are going to drain valuable system power for negligible use, especially on a Sci.
Two words: Singularity Jump! With decent points in Particle and Graviton Generators and maybe even the right Singularity Core, this Singularity Power is very nice for Crowd Controlling.

Looking for a Romulan Science Build - robonixon - 05-01-2015

But GW is better in every aspect and doesn't burn your bonus power...

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - eaglescoutdjb - 05-01-2015

I'm leaning towards the Tholian Recluse, I like the Guardian Warbird's Secondary Deflector and better tac slots but the Tholian Mesh Weaver's Beta III is just to much to pass up on a debuff build.

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - eaglescoutdjb - 05-04-2015

It's not finished yet but this is what I've come up with so far for my build.

This will be my first science officer so any input will be much appreciated.

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - Hijinks - 05-22-2015

My only real change to that would be to put in an RCS console in place of one of the alloys, and maybe a fully Tet-geared module (not just [+Tet]) in place of one of the vulnerability thingies. I dunno exactly what those science consoles do, but one of them should possibly be a power drain?

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - eaglescoutdjb - 05-23-2015

All of the console I chose are fleet console.  Vulnerability Locators are tacticel consoles that add crt chance and I split the Enhanced Neutronium between HullRep and +Turn.  Being my first science build I wasn't sure which science consoles to go for so I went with all +PartGen but I could switch 1 or 2 out for +Flow.

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - puckalish - 05-23-2015

To be honest, I'm a little jealous of how you have your skill points allotted... I even did a respec and didn't do it quite right. Anyways...
First off, I dunno about all that Neutronium, either... I honestly don't use any engineering consoles... just universals, so I may not be the best to speak on this, but I'd want some stuff boosting power levels, crit, and exotic damage in there.

I also don't know a lot about torpedoes, the types, and the relative value of TS vs HY. That said, my understanding has always been that, if you're rocking GWs (and doing PvE), Torpedo Spread is a champ. Also, as much as Quantums are *good*, with all those points in Particle Gens, you really ought mess with a Particle Emission Plasma and a Neutronic, as they're both pumped up by PGens (the former is the best science torp, as I understand it, hands down).

I also might want to switch up some of the sci consoles based on other stuff (maybe get a Flow Cap or two if you get the Leech, take a look at an Exotic Particle Field Exciter, since you're already so heavy into exotic damage).

As far as some of the missing stuff... since it seems like you're going for maxing out PGens, I'd suggest, perhaps, for now, going with the Solanae Deflector, as it's free and the most PGens you can get in a deflector (if a bit lacking in other regards)... also don't know what your budget is, come to think of it, so...

Just some quick thoughts... I also know you're still working on it (no warp core, deflector, etc.; no BOff traits listed, no Active DOffs listed), so looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - eaglescoutdjb - 05-23-2015

I don't even have a leech for my main yet so that's out for now.  Came up with the skills based on a few science builds I've seen people use on Twitch.  One thing I was thinking about changing is only putting 3 points into weapon power so that I can max auxiliary.

Here's another build I was thinking about.
Still has a pretty good science boff layout with a much better tactical layout and has the same number of consoles slots, just turns on1 engineering into a fifth science.  Haven't filled the skills in but they would be the same as the Recluse.

RE: Looking for a Romulan Science Build - eaglescoutdjb - 05-24-2015

Is crtdx2/pen still what you want on your weapons for science or would crtdx3 be better when you have abilities to replace the pen?

Is there someone in the fleet that can make a Particle Emission torp for me if I give them the components?  Don't need it yet, only at level 32, but my main is close enough to being done that I'm starting to craft stuff for this build.