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R&D and You - Kenthend - 03-15-2015

Here is a very good spreadsheet for R&D. I know this guy and his spreadsheets are amazing.
Just follow the instructions on the 1st page and have fun messing around with it.
He is like TP who really enjoys doing excel type stuff.

I have also included his ship comparison excel sheet as well 

RE: R&D and You - James - 03-15-2015

Are you TRYING to make TP jealous!? 

RE: R&D and You - TacPaddy - 03-15-2015

I'm not jealous. Actually that Spreadsheet looked a bit familiar on first look. Wink
That Guy took an effort to simple make a better version of what I posted nine months ago.

RE: R&D and You - Kenthend - 03-15-2015

LOL, TP's are better imo because they are way more user friendly. Big Grin

R&D and You - puckalish - 03-16-2015

Yeah, that's an awesome tool, once you get it all sorted out. And, yeah, TP's are easier to use and to read. But there's room enough for everyone, right? Lol

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