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Congrats to our new Sub-Admirals - puckalish - 03-09-2015

First, as a lowly Cap'n of Omega, I must congratulate our new Sub-Admiral, Kenthend, whose irreverent humor, seemingly endless resources, and inimitable helpfulness and depth of knowledge all add up to everyone having a better time and doing better (oh, and to the Omega fleet opening and already almost being done with the T3 mine).

Next, to the Militia, congrats on your new Sub-Admiral, Pinkscarab. Pink's another one who has definitely improved my in-game experience with all kinds of tips and just a generally positive vibe... I mean, really, I've rarely seen anyone so down to hop into fleet actions, chime in on news, and encourage folks to both improve and have a better time than the Militia's new Sub-Admiral.

Hats off to you both.

RE: Congrats to our new Sub-Admirals - Kenthend - 03-09-2015

TY Puck

RE: Congrats to our new Sub-Admirals - tewalker11 - 03-12-2015

Kethend have you thought this through? Working with Mal as your leader.

Seriously though congrats to you and Pinkscarab. Also nice to see Omega coming along.