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Fleet Signatures - James - 02-19-2015

Hello folks!

On our fleet site there is a function to make a Fleet Signature, rather than the signature maker that is on the stoacademy website for everyone else who doesnt want to be in our fantastic fleet!

If you go to you can set it up!

It will give you your rank, which fleet you are in, and even let you add a background picture of your choice!

If there is not a picture there that you like however, feel free to give me or attilio a shout with the file (or where to go and take the picture), and we can get it into the signature maker pronto!

What a great way to represent the fleet on all sorts of forums, even here!

Big Grin

RE: Fleet Signatures - Munshower - 02-19-2015

Thank you, so very much. I have the artistic prowess of a chimpanzee, and I really despised the sig that I had made. With appreciation...Will