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Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - STARSOMEGA - 02-01-2015

Currently my Avenger is doing roughly 15k dps at best according to the Combat log app. I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions that I can use to improve my Avenger Battle Cruiser?

Fleet Avenger Battle Cruiser Load Out


RE: Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - TacPaddy - 02-01-2015

Well, DPS-wise you have set all the right Skills. In my opinion even a bit too much, but nevertheless you have the correct Skills. I figured, you have the Omega Torp only for the Set Bonus, because it does not benefit from your Skills.

You may consider the following Space Reputation Skills:
  • Omega Kinetic Shearing
  • Omega Graviton Amplifier
  • Enhanced Rending Shots
  • Enhanced Armor Penetration

Last but not least, you may want to consider changing your BOFFs to support an Auxiliary to Battery build.

Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - robonixon - 02-01-2015

Since you have omni beams in the back you could ditch the beam arrays up front for DBBs and also ditch the omega torp for another DBB. That would increase your DPS quite a bit as long as you can keep on target.

RE: Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - STARSOMEGA - 02-01-2015

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I added another aux2Bat1 to replace my ET2. I also replaced RSP2 for DEM2 to go with my DEM3. I also redid my space traits to acquire the additional shield penetration bonus. Instead of the Omega torpedo launcher, would I be better off using the wide angle Quantum torpedo launcher or even adding the experimental Romulan beam array for the 2 piece set? Also if I go with multiple DBB's option wouldn't that drain my weapons power more?

RE: Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - martinison - 02-01-2015

If your looking just for straight up parsed dps there are a number of things you can do to improve here.  As was mentioned above, ditch the torpedoes.  They don't benefit at all from your consoles and do little to boost your dps.  Replacing those with beams will boost your dps.  As mentioned above, the omni-beams are only going to benefit a dual beam bank build.  Replacing them with beam arrays and broadsiding your target will give you a nice boost.

Now for the expensive things.  You won't like hearing this since it looks like you've invested in upgrading your beams, but the advanced fleet weapons are not going to get you massive dps, nor will the omni-beams,.  The high end dps'ers go for crtdx3 weapons at a minimum, with the hope for even more crtd with upgrading.  What I would do to start off is keep those 4 fleet beams for now, but replace everything else with crtdx3 beams (either crafting or purchasing mk II and upgrading is the best/cheapest route to take there) and eventually work towards having crtdx3 all around.  Your consoles look fine, so probably no changes needed there.  To finish off the build, the romulan engine combined with the nukara deflector and shield provide some offensive boost, but those are small/expensive tweaks that aren't needed to crack the 30k threshold.  Lastely, if you are using DEM, then try to save up for the Francis Marion Dulmur doff.  It reduces your weapon energy drain by a good amount when dem is active.

RE: Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - STARSOMEGA - 02-01-2015

I have the Romulan engine in the bank. However I don't have the Nukara shield & deflector yet. I also redid my engineering boffs abilities again after receiving additional feedback. "LT Eng EPtS1/A2B1 &  Cmdr Eng ET1/A2B1/EPtW3/DEM3" for the Aux2Bat/Dem build. I also have 3 VR Technician doffs for faster recharge of boff abilities. As far as weapons, I normally go with beam arrays so I can broadside my targets. The Avenger has a decent turn rate for a cruiser, so would it benefit me in upgrading to DBB'S or just getting beam arrays with the crtdx3? Also I forgot to previous mention, that I have a Plasmonic Leech & embassy "Flow" science console in the bank. Would the plasmonic leech be a better choice for ship power levels over the current consoles that I have equipped? Thanks for your feedback everybody.

RE: Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - martinison - 02-01-2015

I'd say go with what your used to.  My own preference is beam arrays, but the dbb build is solid too.  I honestly don't know which has the higher potential but I do know the avenger is fast enough to use the dbb build.  I'll leave the plasmonic leech question for someone who knows it a bit better.  Not sure if the tradeoff vs. the consoles your using is worth it or not.  There is one more little bit of info I'll leave for you here.  From what I've been told, there is an optimal crtd to crth ratio, which is about 10:1.  In other words, if you have 20% crth, you want to have about 200 crtd (this includes your weapons, which won't show up in your ship stats, so you'll need to add that onto what shows up in your ship stats).

RE: Fleet Avenger T5-U Build - robonixon - 02-02-2015

DBBs will output more paper damage in STFs as long as you can keep your facing on target, but in a real firefight broadsides are more practical and will get more shots on target. However, with the drain of firing 7-8 energy weapons at once you may want to consider getting the Plasmonic Leech on the build, or look for the Bounty Hunter's Friend console as well.