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STO Academy Fleet Statistics - TacPaddy - 12-20-2014

Hi Guys,

as you may or may not know, I am an Excel enthusiast and love to analyse all the information that is available via the STO Gateway. That's why I appointed myself as Fleet Statistician.

As Fleet Statistician, it would be selfish to keep the information all to myself and so Attilio suggested I share it with you. To do this, I have created a very simple website, that shows you the information, which I will updated in regular intervalls but at least once a week. Enjoy!

To see the STO Academy fleet statistics click here.

If you have any suggestions, reply to this thread or send me a private message. However, please note that the STO Gateway has its limitations. For example, it does not distinguish Starfleet/KDF Personnel from their romulan Allies yet.

STO Academy Fleet Statistics - robonixon - 12-20-2014

This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing it. I was viewing it on my mobile and on a few tabs the numbers are a bit squished where the unit count and ratios overlap, like for the career splits. I am not sure if it is my mobile browser (safari) or the site.

RE: STO Academy Fleet Statistics - TacPaddy - 12-20-2014

Well, the Excel Sheets are not in a responsive design unfortunately, as they are embedded at a fixed size. That may be the cause.

STO Academy Fleet Statistics - robonixon - 12-20-2014

That may be the cause then since my screen resolution is low.

RE: STO Academy Fleet Statistics - TacPaddy - 12-28-2014

STOA Stats have been updated once again. Have a look and tell me, if you like to have more information added.

Live Long and Prosper

RE: STO Academy Fleet Statistics - TacPaddy - 12-31-2014

Last Stats for 2014 is up now. Beginning with the first update in 2015, I will start tracking the quarterly contributions. Wink

RE: STO Academy Fleet Statistics - TacPaddy - 01-15-2015

Made another update prior to today's maintenance. The keen observer will notice, that the Omega contributions are less than before. That is alright, because on the Update of January 11, I made a little mistake by counting Omega's Dilithium Mine Conributions twice.

New features - TacPaddy - 01-25-2015

Hi everyone,

today I expanded the Fleet Stats to include Romulans in the Career choices overview. The numbers regarding RRF Personnel may be slightly inaccurate from time to time, as I need to update RRF Personnel manually as long as the Gateway doesn't play along.

Also I included a new overview in which you can check your progress and if you are eligible for promotion.
However, regarding Promotions / Commendations, my Statistics are of pure informational value.
Promotions and awarding of Commendations are conducted very regularly by the Office of the Admiralty.
So, if my Stats tell you that you may be eligible for something, please be patient and wait for it to actually happen. Wink

Click here to go the Fleet Stats.

Live Long and Prosper

RE: STO Academy Fleet Statistics - Spraque - 01-26-2015

This is very cool, TP, thanks..useful, and interesting Smile

(yes, I will get around to editing my sig!)

RE: STO Academy Fleet Statistics - TacPaddy - 02-05-2015

Alright, I updated the design of my Fleet Stats website. Also, if you haven't noticed yet, the Boss has put a link on the Fleet website to it.