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Which Set? - Kaedin - 06-20-2014

I have a Rom Tac Captain in a Dyson Reconnaissance Destroyer (3-pack). Which set would be better suited for this the Fluidic Counter Assault or the Dyson Joint Command Technologies. I mostly just pve and trying to get into stf's more often. Any opinions are appreciated.

RE: Which Set? - eagl17 - 06-20-2014

For Undine get the counter mark rep set, it's great for it, but i feel like it his pretty weak compared to the other space set.

RE: Which Set? - robonixon - 06-21-2014

Dyson set is pretty good and adds a lot of survivability, while the Undine set focuses on speed and as Helock said is probably not as good in most cases. The Undine weapons are pretty good though.