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Shuttle Event - TacPaddy - 05-30-2014

Hello everyone,

as some of you may have noticed, Cryptic is given us a Shuttle Weekend. As far as I can tell from experiences made yesterday, it IS fun.

Cryptic has introduced special 20 Player Versions of Federation / Klingon Fleet Alert, Storming the Spire and the No Win Scenario. While FFA and KFA are faction-specific, the other one are cross-factional.

Each of these Events offer a choice of Marks. If you need Undine Marks badly, then do these Shuttle missions. For the duration of the Event, the rewards are doubled (118 Marks for a succesfull FFA / KFA).

In addition, for the duration of the Shuttle Event, there is a sale on the Lobi Store regarding Space Gear including the Small Craft. Use this opportunity!

RE: Shuttle Event - robonixon - 05-31-2014

I would also like to add there doesn't seem to be a cooldown on FFA/KFA so you can basically grind all the marks you need for rep for everything in a few hours. Smile