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Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - Blakmage86 - 03-11-2012

This thread is for posting your ship build for Space STFS. To start off with here is my dreadnought

EDIT: The below is my old build.

If you want to know what a module is just ask me. The blank spot on the device slots is where my Scorpion Fighters go but i ran out last night and have not resupplied yet.

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - Blakmage86 - 03-20-2012

Note the above build is out of date. I am using an all energy weapon build now. If there is interest ill post it up.

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - greasemonkey98 - 03-20-2012

YOU went to energy weapons? :o Did the dual heavy vs. dual cannons fight go on too long? I'd love to see the build, specifically, I'd love to do more STF's to see how you do now! I'm sure your damage is still stupid high, but maybe not.

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - Blakmage86 - 03-20-2012

DHC and DC are both energy weapons Jay. As opposed to projectile. Though I have been thinking about fitting it with beams to try that out.

However as to my build the only real changes are Fore torp replaced with dhc, aft torp replaced with turret, eps console replaced with armor, PDS replaced with borg console and that freed up engineering slot filled with armor

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - greasemonkey98 - 03-21-2012

Sorry. You said "energy weapons" I immediately went to beams for some reason. I run all armor to with my engineering consoles, but I don't have many. I'm gonna put some serious work into my build one day; but not today.

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - Warburton1881 - 03-22-2012

I have a couple of questions. I notice that your fore weapons all have relatively narrow firing arcs and your aft beam weapons have relatively low DPS. How do you keep your Dreadnaught facing the enemy, given it's low turn rate? What do you do when an enemy gets behind or beside you?

My limited experience with Dreadnaughts is that they are hard to maneuver even with an RCS Console installed (which I notice you don't have). The Borg Impulse Engine helps a lot, but most other ships can still run circles around them.

Just curious.


Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - Blakmage86 - 03-22-2012

My build is set up for PvE mostly STFs so i really dont have much need to worry about ships getting behind me. If they do I have evasive manuevers to quickly reorient.

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - greasemonkey98 - 03-26-2012

What are the 2 science consoles you run? I would think you would run a crew recovery console, but I don't see one there. You've built the ultimate STF machine so I'm very interested in your ship. I just hope I'm not bugging you too much about it :lol:

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - Blakmage86 - 03-27-2012

I wouldn't call it the ultimate stf machine but if you want to I wont stop you Big Grin

Anyways I was previously running a Field Emitter (the crafted one that gives +35% shields) and my Point Defense System. However I have recently swapped out the Point Defense System for a second Feild Emitter as they stack.

And no I am happy to answer questions that anyone has so you are not bugging me

Re: Space STF Ship Builds (Pics) - briansun1 - 04-02-2012

how would you take a screen shot