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Unexpected Maintenance - James - 03-09-2012

There appears to be maintenance to Holodeck at the moment, which cryptic are busy trying to fix.

Currently, there is 1hr and 16mins left until the ceremony, hopefully it will be sorted by then Smile

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - Blackthorn - 03-09-2012

well just read this on the complaint thread of sto forum lol

Quote:Hello Captains!

We really appreciate your patience while we work on getting the server back up. We have our "top men and women" working on this issue, and this crash has provided some extremely valuable data that will aide in getting to the root of the issue.

Current ETA of getting back in-game is about another 1.5 hours from this post. This is subject to change, but it is our best estimate right now.

While this is longer than expected, there is some good news that is coming out of it! We are going to release tomorrow's patch today (as soon as the shard comes back up, you will patch to a new version) so there is not a second downtime tomorrow.

This also means that the Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Cadre will be available for purchase tonight! SWEET!

Thanks again for your patience, and see you in-game ASAP!


Brandon =/\=
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so am really struggling with the fact of staying awake or joining the missus in a cozy warm bed lol

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - James - 03-09-2012

Well thats something atleast lol

Im not going to force you to go, il be awake anyway, Im still doing assignments due for tomorrow! lmao, but you should be there Smile

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - cpc2011 - 03-09-2012

I'm going to give them a little leeway on the hour and a half and say 830pm my time, so Sariana will get to the ceremony as soon as possible and bring the mistletoe. Pucker up newly minted Fleet Officers!!! lmao jk But yeah i'll get there asap.

edit: this would be a good time to work on my siggy where did i put my cs4 software >.<

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - Blackthorn - 03-09-2012

yeah i know i should be there and well hmm it's almost 2am now missus in bed sleeping and looking so peacefull is tempting as hell to join her if u know what i mean Tongue anyhoo i would think the least cryptic could do is compensate us with the loss of downtime i was on my way to finish tour the universe event when crash happend and seems alot of other users lost out on stf loots etc lol so a compensation would be in order ^_^ maybe say 1mil dil per user lol or free maco and omega x2 sets for all weeeee ^_^

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - cpc2011 - 03-09-2012

lmao BT put on your raincoat and go to bed, you've obviously been awake too long and are delusional which is causing you to speak of *gasp* compensation. lol

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - James - 03-09-2012

lol that 1mil dilith would be tempting, but theres nothing to spend it on that i really need lol.

Join her to go to sleep then aye? lol understandable, wish i could say the same!

I was really looking forward to the ceremony, so im going to pop some pro plus, get through this assignment and be online for when the shards up again.

Tomorrows patch though I suppose is nice enough

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - Blackthorn - 03-09-2012

raincoat in bed ??? wow must be a weird way of going to bed where u come from Tongue
but nah i just think it would be "fair" (note the quotes lol) to get something in return other than a cstore item that is being put in early

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - Attilio - 03-09-2012

Depending on the time the shard comes back up we may just have to postpone the ceremony. Perhaps we'll do it at an earlier time over the weekend.

Re: Unexpected Maintenance - James - 03-09-2012

lol americans eh bt? Tongue only joking cpc!

Yeah I get where your coming from, but then again these things do happen and there isnt really much theyre allowed to do in terms of compensation! Those stf rewards are meant to be earnt, not just given away in times of trouble, or given away at all! Still......would be nice though Tongue