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Full Version: What new faction do you want?
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I know that this idea has been reiterated many times, but what canon Star Trek faction would you like to be able to play as?
None of them
I think it needs to develop as is. No more factions for a while

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(06-28-2013, 07:17 AM)Jstagg Wrote: [ -> ]None of them
* Facepalm *
Well- the one I really want isn't listed. I really want a Cardissian faction.

(08-07-2013, 05:46 PM)Markor Wrote: [ -> ]Well- the one I really want isn't listed. I really want a Cardissian faction.

That would make the Cardies too OP, as the Galor is already used as a reward for Q's Winter Wonderland, and no telling what other Cardie and Breen ships they might add. I would be interested in a mercenary/pirate faction. I wanna be able to board any and all ships and steal them.
the Cardassion Union would probably be the only viable next step, and I would support it greatly! Would love to see those boys back on their feet.

The first couple of story missions be focused on the Detapa council, then onto the True Way threat! That would then bring the cardies into the fight against the 2900 (imagine the conflict on Bajor: Hathon with that!) and I think the starbases would be cool if they want to make the Cardassians a bit more established than the new Romulan Republic.

The Cardies should be able to do that though as theyve been getting on their feet ALOT longer than the Rommies have, and they have an established military no matter how diminished it is. The Cardassians would be a great addition to the game. They could completely rewrite their legacy.

So having the Dominion wouldnt work as they are committed to staying "out of the way," as has already been dictated in the story missions, having the Breen won't work as typically you will need a faction that will work with the others in the likes of STF's, and that isn't going to float for the Breen.
Tal Shiar isn't happening because of the Romulan Republic, it would disconnect them from the storyline.

The Borg, are you out of your mind? lol
And the tholians, I just can't see it happening, much for the same reason as the breen.
I was REALLY joking about the freakin borg. And when ever somebody says what you said about my idea for the Borg, I think of Bones saying "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!" Wink

The thing is, I don't like how the three factions are all allies at endgame... takes the fun out of popping Feds and KDF. I would much prefer to play Tholian at endgame, but that would require yet ANOTHER storyline, so meh. I forgot to put this up, but I would love to play as a Mirror Universe Klingon or Fed. I think that the fact that the current Mirror ships don't cloak is kind dumb, as in canon they would cloak-troll the shit out of all the factions. But I seriously wanna play as a Jem'Hadar or a Vorta. That would be bloody awesome, and would be similar, IMO, to playing the KDF, with their empire taking over all those races.
They aren't really allies, they still have a war going on, they have a "mutual agreement" but only through the Omega Force (which personally, I would love to see a faction for), and of course they aren't killing themselves on New Romulus, but they defo do still hate eachother lol.

I guess we'll have to wait and see! But my best guess is that Cardassians would be the next big faction Smile
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