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do we have like a vent? or ts? or like a type of VOIP or external chat aside from the game? or does anyone have skype? If you have skype my id is otakucho i'm always on, but was just wondering if there were other ways for us in the fleet to talk aside from forums or in game.
No we don't have anything else.
ah k thx
I'm scott.tabor_69 on skype
I'm not on Skype often, but if you want, my username is PhantomGanonEDN. Feel free to add me, but be sure to let me know who you are Tongue
I will add you. These are the names (toons) I use on STO
Lifer (Gold) Account toons-
VA=Vice Admiral

Malikius (my main) VA
Momma Mali VA
Truelock VA
Veeger VA
Lichtar (Klingon) seldom played

I am ALWAYS willing to help if any of my toons are on line. Just ask. I love this fleet and want to become more active. But, I am used to talking vocally to my fleet mates. And beings we don't have any Vent or Teamspeak I am feeling disjointed and alienated from my fleet brothers and sisters.
F2P toons
I agree. Something like this can help teams better communicate Tongue
I know its relatively easy to set up a small free ts server. Would have to have someone willing to dedicate machine time and memory to it though.
How powerful would the computer have to be to be a TS or Ventrilo server. I have a computer sitting in the kitchen that isn't doing anything. I would be more then happy to donate it's usage if the Fleet would ok it.
I dont think it would need all that much power if it wasnt doing anything else. Hit me up in game if you have any questions and I can try to help. Would love to see a teamspeak or vent server for the fleet
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