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Full Version: Tribble Patch Notes June 11, 2013
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salamiinferno;10749951 Wrote:We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

New Features:
Dilithium Mine Fleet Holding
  • The fleet system has been expanded and players have access to a new Dilithium Mine holding.
  • Fleet Members can contribute to fleet projects to earn XP for their Dilithium Mine and unlock new tiers, just like with the Embassy Holding.
  • Can be compared to Embassy for time to progress.
  • The Fleet Dilithium Mine consists of a space map and an interior map with two parts.
    • Completing Tiers in the Dilithium Mine?s main track will cause the space map?s visuals to upgrade to the next tier.
    • The Interior ground map is unlocked at Dilithium Mine tier 1.
    • Players gain access to the exterior ground map once the Dilithium Mine reaches tier 2.
  • Like the Embassy, the Dilithium Mine has three tracks:
  • Dilithium Mine (main track)
    • This track gains XP and progresses by completing tiers from the two sub-tracks below.
  • Development (sub-track)
    • The Development sub-track gains XP by completing repeatable fleet projects. Once enough XP has been earned you will be given an Upgrade special project to unlock the next Development tier. Completing this Upgrade project will grant XP for the Dilithium Mine main track.
  • Trade (sub-track)
    • The Trade sub-track gains XP by completing repeatable fleet projects. Once enough XP has been earned you will be given an Upgrade special project to unlock the next Trade tier. Completing this Upgrade project will grant XP for the Dilithium Mine main track.
  • Provisioning
  • There is a single provisioning type for each sub-track (Trade and Development) as opposed to several types found in the Starbase and Embassy holdings. These Provisions are earned by completing fleet projects. Below are items that can be purchased with the two types of Provisioning:
  • Trade Personal Requisition Provisioning
    • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Engineering Armor Consoles Mk X to Mk XII
    • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles Mk X to Mk XII
  • Development Personal Requisition Provisioning
    • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Fleet Warp Cores Mk XII
    • (Ultra Rare) Advanced Fleet Singularity Warp Cores Mk XII
    • (Ultra Rare) Elite Fleet Warp Cores Mk XII
    • (Ultra Rare) Elite Fleet Singularity Warp Cores Mk XII
  • Fleet Rewards
    • Unlock perks for all fleet members by increasing tiers in your fleet?s main Dilithium Mine, Development and Trade tracks:
      • Dilithium Mine (Main Track): Below are some examples of the rewards unlocked by gaining Tiers in the Dilithium Mine track
        • Three tiers of Dilithium Input Discounts
        • Three tiers of the Dilithium Store Discounts (Contruction Project)
        • Daily Dilithium Mining Missions
        • Daily Ore Refining Mission
      • Trade (Sub-Track): Below are some examples of the rewards unlocked by gaining Tiers in the Trade sub-track
        • Three tiers of Item and Commodity Input Discounts
        • Two tiers of Improved Call Trade Freighter (reduces cooldown on Call Trade Freighter power)
      • Development (Sub-Track): Below are some examples of the rewards unlocked by gaining Tiers in the Development sub-track
        • Three tiers of high Dilithium and Energy Credit awarding Duty Officer assignments
        • Three tiers of Fleet Mark fleet project input discounts
        • Three tiers of special Miner Duty Officers

  • Adjusted Queue behavior in regards to teams:
    • When in a team only the team leader can queue for PVE or PVP queues, and they will queue the entire team
    • When joining a team, all queues a player is currently in will be dropped
    • When a player leaves a team that is in a queue, that player is dropped from the queue
    • When a player is invited to a team that is in a queue, that player is added to the queue
  • Romulan Embassies will once again spawn the proper NPC critters.
  • Tachyon Harmonic, Pulsewave Assault Weapons and Charged Burst Assault Weapons will no longer occasionally fire in an odd direction when used.
  • Private Queues will no longer appear in the public queue list.
  • Queue counts now have an additional layer of backend logic to ensure accuracy.
  • Shaders and shader fallbacks have been generally improved.
  • The heads of players should no longer disappear when activating their EV suit.
  • Ambient audio should remain active if the player is within range of the sound and their camera isn?t.
  • Added livelier ambient audio in the First City fighting arena.
  • The Elachi Walker Audio has been improved.
  • Reduced the default volume on Nadel?s voice over lines so they are more in line with the volume of other voiced lines in the game.
  • Orion Interceptor and Orion Marauding Force carrier pets did now have deployment audio.
  • The credits have been updated.
  • Sensor Scan is now correctly applying its damage bonus.
salamiinferno;10750171 Wrote:Character:
  • Slightly updated the appearance of the character Law on Nimbus.
  • Added additional head customization options for Romulans.
  • Romulan Aliengen Females to have a slightly wider range of available heights.
  • Reman female make-up patterns can now all have their colors changed.
  • The standard Romulan species will appear first during New Character Creation.
  • Resolved an issue where an NPC-only Suliban head was appearing in Tailor for AlienGen males wearing off-duty Vedek hoods
  • Female costume preset for Klingon Romulan should now appear correctly in Tailor
  • The frequency that FX icons should pop in has been severely reduced..
  • Raiding Party no longer has blank icons.
  • Updated the art for Fekihri portal death.
  • Updated the hit location for the Grappler Console power.
  • FX no longer fade out when the player zooms in their camera.
  • NPCs will now only react to a grenade when it goes off, not when it is thrown.
  • Romulan ship explosions are no longer slightly misaligned.
  • Shrapnel torpedo rockets will now fire from all proper and available torpedo nodes.
  • The Romulan Singularity UI will now update its Singularity Level display correctly when piloting shuttles
  • Made the name of the items in the need/greed window always be white to enhance legibility.
  • Made the need/greed window fit contents vertically so that when there were more than two items they did not expand beyond the edge of the window.
  • The "Color Scheme" option has been renamed to "Color Palette".
  • The tooltip of the Color Palette has been made more descriptive.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons to summon To'duj Fighter carrier pets were incorrectly using Scorpion Fighter icons instead.
  • The biography display will no longer be inconsistent.
  • Added skinning override to the region icon in the column list for the PvE windows so that it displays a Romulan ship if you're using the Romulan UI.
  • The icon for the Romulan shuttle accolade "Size Doesn't Matter" has been updated to show a Romulan shuttle and symbol.
  • Addressed readability issues with certain color schemes and duty officer/c-store listrows.
  • Fixed a bug where popup tips could appear twice, pointing to different areas of the screen.
  • Team Window Improvements
    • When you are in a space map and a teammate is on a ground map, a person icon will appear instead of a square where their ship icon is.
    • When you are on a ground map and a teammate is in a space map, a starship icon will appear instead of an empty portrait frame.
    • Players are now able to click the team window to select teammates again
    • Added a mouseover state for when a teammate is selectable from the team window
      • When they are alive and on the same map as you
    • Buff icons for teammates on the ground now fill to the right instead of the left and should no longer overlap the teammate window.
  • Improved visuals of ship HP HUD element.
  • Disable rotation of character on character selection screen.
  • When a duty officer is slotted to an assigment, the frame and background will now show the correct faction art.
  • Romulans allied with the KDF will see KDF themed images for duty officer assignments that have it.
  • Updated the Featured Foundry Spotlight image and the PVE image in the Mission Journal Overview screen to show Klingon art if you are a KDF aligned romulan.
  • Updated icon for Klingon version of the "bite" trait icon so it uses new trait icon style.
Known Issues
  • The Nukara queued events aren?t working at this time, but will be soon!
    • We have hired the finest Tholian slave masters to ?encourage? our content people to get these up and running!
    • The door to your dilithium mine is not yet available on a sector map.
TY for the repost of the notes. I didn't get to read them this morning and I can't go to the site from work.


So if I read that correctly, the daily refining limit is about to change thanks to the Dilithium Mine. Can't wait to get that one going for the Legion.