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Full Version: Devs reading old novels?
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So as the story has already been told, I raided a fair bit (ok a LOT) of information from an old ST Novel called the "The Romulan Way" for my Romulan characters. After rolling through most of the Romulan storyline, I'm starting to suspect that one of the Devs has had his/her head in the same book.

Three small examples...

We have star system named "Khellian" in the game... H'daen tr"Khellian is head of House Khellian in the book.
I found a Romulan NPC named "Radaik" in the game.... Subcommander t'Radaik is one of the officers holding McCoy in custody in the book.
We have had mention of three S'harien Swords in the game... Sarek delivered three S'harien Swords to S'task just before Rea's Helm departed Vulcan in the book.

The old saw is, "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is enemy action". While I would not qualify this as enemy action, I'm rapidly getting the hunch that there's a Dev sneaking in a few details from a well favored old novel.

Any one else finding any little tidbits like this? There must more ......

(Fixed my stupid counting problem. That's what I get for posting at work!)