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Full Version: Kumari Escort build
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hi Smile

I need some help here. I bought myself a kumari escort, charal line.

I found out very quickly why it is referred to as a "glass cannon" lol Got my ass handed to me in a very embarrassing way in PvP.

Anyway so i am working towards the Omega Assimulated Borg Technology set and the Assimulated Module consule as well as the Kinetic Cutting Beam.

What else can I do to beaf my ship up a bit? Cannons are useless if you dont live long enough to use them and staying alive is useless if you cant kill anything.


Feel free to ignore my gibberings, but I would probably do something like....

It's tanky as heck, actually (I reckon the Charal is maybe the best one of the Andorian Escorts for that reason!). I'm going to assume you're acquainted with the Hilbert guide - if you aren't, google it, and give it a read. When I refer to cycling a skill, I mean, put it on your 'fire everything' keybind, and keep mashing it continuously throughout combat.


Key features include:
One copy of Emergency Shields, one copy of Emergency Engines. This works so long as you have three damage control duty officers (we can talk about them if you want, but basically they're awesome), and you should be able to cycle them reasonably well depending on the quality of the officers you have. You'll have consistently high shield and engine power, along with heals and speed boosts.

Feel free to ditch engine power for this, since you'll have the aforementioned good uptime on your Emergency Power skills (assuming you can get the doffs!) you'll be wizzing around no problem. Obviously prioritise weapon power, then shields. The Warp Core is important here, but I'm not well acquainted with them at the moment.

Reverse Shield Polarity is your 'oh fuck' skill, for obvious reasons. Hazard Emitters is for clearing plasma burns which are popular these days, but your hull will still be suishy, so maybe consider pushing for that in your Engineering consoles. Universal Science rather than Tactical gives you Tractor Beam + Hazards, which I reckon is the most use you'll get out of the slot.

Tactical slots are pretty standard, but you want Omega as your tractor breack, and high yield 2/rapid 2 is I reckon the best arrangement of those skills. Scatter/Spread if you want to do aoe damage/in certain pve events. Obviously you should be cycling tactical team as much as possible, so two copies of that as well.

Equipment is relatively budget, with obvious areas of improvement. Focus on getting the borg/maco X stuff first.

Hope that gives you some food for thought!
Maybe replace that tractor beam with a sci team? The shield effect from sci team is pretty sweet, especially compared to a potentially wasted tractor beam - pve vs pvp, I suppose.

Other than that, seedy-baby has things covered here - although I take a polarize hull in sci as the shield breaker, and run an extra tac damage slot, but that's just because I'm silly.
I'm a tractor beam fanboy, I confess. Could go either way, but with sci team I'd be worried about cooldown issues with the tac teams, and I like having a snare.
I do love my Kumari for a fast DPS ship... but I REALLY love my HEC Smile I have the very rare Jem hangars pets in the slot and they basically kill stuff fast.
Thank you very much Smile

I have 2 questions though.

Where do I get shield distribution officers? I've been unlocking lockboxes from here to kingdom come and I get all types of officers except those.

Also, how do I change the skills of a BOFF. Excample, my universal bridge station has 2 skill slots. My engineering BOFF has 4 space skills. How do I make sure that the 2 that get slotted in are the ones that I want?

No problem.

So, the doffs are - check on the exchange, green ones are pretty cheap. Alternatively, you can replicate them once you have a high enough engineering commendation rank.

And you can retrain your Bridge Officers on the Earth Spacedock - although some ranks of certain skills can only be trained by Captains, and others can only be found already existing on rare bridge officers

Also don't open too many lockboxes! It's possible that they're a rip off.
Thanks again Smile

I am working towards your build. In the meantime I managed to get all 3 borg assimilated items and 3 shield distribution officers. My ship is a bit more surdy now. Oh I didnt manage to get polarise shileds but I did manage to get polarise hull. Bit of a compromise.

Got my ass kicked in PvP again yesterday when I was silly enough to go 1-on-1 with a klingon carrier. Damn thing had the ability to clone 2 more replicas and at one point I had no idea how many ships I was fighting lol

Anyways, we live and leanr lol

Thank you again for all the help.
I noticed that the Andorian Escorts performance in combat is much like, let's say, the Dhalan Warbird. Good turn, Good speed, and it can pack a nice punch... Maybe nix the cannons and place very, very high-end tachyon beam arrays in their places.
You could trade in a Dual Beam Bank if you wanted more spike damage through using Beam Overload (could even pair it with a Torpedo for more spike with High Yields), but I'm not sure about normal Beam Arrays. 5 forward slots and the ability to mount dual cannons is there for a reason!