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Full Version: Character build suggestions for Rigelian Science tank
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Now, I'm about to become Captain Kha'ram Bhutan of Starfleet, and Ram needs some help with tanking. I will respec if I need to, but I need to wait until tomorrow to actually put up my stats, as I forgot them.

I'm very open to suggestions...

I'm trying to balance out space and ground for tanking. I'l put full build up tomorrow night. Live Long and Prosper
I'm interested to hear--I'm not terribly fond of my sci captain the way he's build, and have thought about building a good tank. I don't have all the advice on how to do it, but here's a few things:

Get six points in your threat control skills on ground and space. Getting aggro is at the heart of tanking. Don't bother with the last three skill points, the pay-off isn't worth it.

Get some points in shields and hull repair--you'll need them.

Pick a ship with a great hull--on the Fed side I believe the highest hull for a cruiser is the Fleet Support Vessel (Ambassador class). I'm flying the non-fleet version right now and absolutely love it.

You don't want DPS, you want to be annoying to the enemy--pick weapons that may not have the most damage, but draw their attention. I like tetyron weapons because it strips sheilds. I don't know if that actually gets you noticed, but I'd figure it would.
If you want to tank you really need all 9 points in threat control imo. Especially if you dont have a high damage output also otherwise escorts will yank the agro off you every time.
Tanking in this game is iffy. It does not work similarly to other MMO's. I strongly suggest you consider looking at your potential for healing/protecting your teammates as key to your tanking strategy: you need to be the tank for the whole team, as it were. You being alive in an STF means literally nothing if your teammates aren't also alive.

Key skills will include Extend Shields for an amazing shield heal/resist and probably Hazard Emitters. On the other hand, there are some nifty things that'll help your more hurty teammates pin down their foes, like Warp Plasma (plus the Warp Theorist doffs for the brilliant immobilising effect!), so keep that in mind. Chroniton Torpedoes/Mines are excellent, along with dispersal patterns and torpedo spreads to spread that proc around as much as possible.
Thanks guys.... I have the Support Cruiser (U.S.S. Titanic) on my Rommie, Thrawn, and I love everything about it.
I would agree with George there are multiple ways to tank in this game. Messor runs a dreadnought tank. I use a combination of 9 points in threat control and massive damage output to keep the main enemies shooting at me which helps keep my teammates alive. If you do less damage then try like George says and go more for a Healer/Tank build.
Yeah, that's fair, actually. Cruisers *can* pull threat the traditional way, by doing massive amounts of damage. But you'd be looking at Assault Cruiser Retrofits and Odyssey Tactical Cruisers and whatnot for those sorts of shenanigans.
I obviously ( as I'm a bit of a noob) go immediately for DPS and Shield capacity, so I need help with the actual character... He already has 9 in threat control.
I think the DPS/Healer/Tank roles in STO need to be more defined and it looks like they're going to do that in the future with obvious ship changes.
Classic MMORPG
Healer > Stands back, heals tank massively and occasionally the DPS
Tank > Keeps aggro with abilities, does little damage but generates high threat
DPS > Dishes out high DPS

Damage shouldn't be used to generate threat (not in concept anyway) because that means the Tactical class (which should deal more damage than an engineer) would always generate more threat than the tank.

To me it's bad game design to have the tank dealing huge amounts of damage as a way to boost threat levels, something that turned to in WoW after a while and it made it stupid.

I also can't see how a Science Officer (healer) can be a tank, ok they can heal themselves whilst taking damage but that again relies on them doing more damage than the Tactical Officers (DPS) or their threat level will be easily surpassed.
I guess you need to know how the mechanics of the game work to give a detailed description.