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Full Version: Romulan TIER 5 ship choices
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I can't really help... because I was able to loot my Destroyer in my 20's, which was available to fly at 40 and I did. After I reached 50 though, I bought a Mirror Warbird off the exchange for like 300k, which was a bargain. I've been meaning to try that one and the one from the starter pack this weekend, so I'll let you know what I think of them. I know TP is running the Mirror, or he was last time we grouped.


Being a Tactical Officer on my primary Starfleet and KDF Toons, I chose the Ha'feh Assault Warbird in order to see how my Engineer would do in an Escort-like Ship. Well, I like it.

Since I bought the Starter Pack, I also have the T'Varo Light Warbird Retrofit. Thanks to its Enhanced Romulan Battle Cloak, this one will make a lean mean Torpedo Boat with effectively five Torpedoes up front (Set Bonus) and three Torpedoes / Mines aft.

Thanks to being a LTS, I used my Vice Admiral Ship Token on the D'Deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit, just because I could and like the design.

Last, but not least, I spent 90k EC to buy a Mirror Ha'apax.
I'm leaning toward the Ha'nom. I know one of my T5 ships will be the T'Varo, which I'll outfit as a torpedo/mine boat, and I'm debating between the fleet mogai and D'deridex for a tank (don't really like the turn rate on the D) since the Ha'nom is the only viable full science ship at that level, that's the choice for me.
I might pick up the mirror versions of one or two of the others to play with...I like the looks of the mirror Ha'apax, but again the low turn rate turns me off...though there are ways to mitigate that. I'll have to wait till I get the captain level D, and see how it flies in practise.
Let's see. I definitely want the Haakona Warbird, and before that, the D'deridex, so time to level up a bit.
Yeah these ships are getting uncomfortably large. I'm plotting to pick up a the Guardian Warbird for my Romulan Tac, and run some cheeky particle-damage boosting build on it, anyway.
Level 30 Drex is a major disappointment I think. It's turn rate is so bad that an Odyssey could literally run a circle around it. A full combat speed turn literally takes 10k plus to circle around without using skills.
I'm at level 32 right now and very disappointed with the D'Deridex, it's like steering the Titanic. So once I am at level 40 I will be scraping this ship. I prefer something with a faster turn rate and able to deliver a good punch. Although I did pick up the Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser with my Lobi crystals, so I will see what I can do with it.
Trying to get ZEN for the Haakona Warbird at what? Tier 4, Tier 5? I don't think much of the Mogai. It doesn't look particularly interesting, it only steers at an average turn rate, and I don't think I can mount cannons on it, so I'm kinda getting tired of it quickly.

In fact, I'm thinking of piloting my Dhelan again just cause I'm sick of the Mogai.
Xakthul, start saving for an Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer!!! I LOVE MINE! I only bought the Mogai for my Engineer, so he would have something at T5. I really wish we could pilot other T5 ships... at a minimum the C-Store ships. Hell, I paid for them, my Rommie should be able to fly them.
I'm also unimpressed with the Mogai--and i really wanted to like that ship. Great looks, so elegant...but it feels sluggish. There's also an awkward view of it while flying, I feel like it's off centre somehow, pointing downward. But that may just be a bug.

I'm eager to try to D'd, but anxious about what people are saying about movement. You can get the turn rate up reasonably high,, but not without significant investment. I haven't played with my Vo'quv enough to see if I can be comfortable leaving it where it is.

As for the T5 warbirds, thanks for the input. I'm actually thinking now of going with the Ha'fe for the free option, so I can PvE/grind easily while I prepare my final builds for the T'Varo and D'd (if I go there). The mirror Ha'non seems just fine as a science ship, and i like the visuals a lot more than the "prime universe" ship.

Edit: Another question: the wiki says that the three free T5 warbirds get the fleet module discount--but I find that hard to believe. Is this a typo? Anyone tried it?
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