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Full Version: Character Goal advice / suggestions
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Ah...well the pieces I bought yesterday won't go un-used--I'll just keep them with Alkut!
Yea, no worries man... I am planning on grabbing them for my Eng, until I get the rep finished.
You'll find me happy to help, Herr Herr.
Yea, I need to actually choose one toon and go all in on. I think it'll be Hijaak, since he really has the most progress finished of all. Chris, you are right, after 40 the Aegis packs a punch... not for sure, but I think it's as good as the MACO set at 50! As soon as I equipped it last night, on my Eng, my survive-ability went up.

I have a question about power levels though....

If I run DPS, I get taken out quick, if I run defense, I can stay up for a long time if not the whole time. How much does my DPS actually suffer if I run Defense and have the 3 min cooldown on the power skill.

P.S. If I confuse you or don't make sense, just smack me.
Hold the phone, is that a handsome Kamarag Battle Cruiser I see? What good taste you have.
(05-14-2013, 01:00 PM)ChrisHerr Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it's a detailed answer.

Obviously, you can do more DPS while you are alive then when you are dead.

But you do want to do a good balance, if possible.

If you are running Beams or cannons, it would be great to have your weapons power over 100! (Torpedoes don't care.) However, you don't have to set it that high if you have BOFF (And Captain Engineering) abilities that will boost it.

For example, when I am firing on someone, and I activate on the Cannon Rapid Fire 3, I will often then activate Emergency Power to Weapons (level 1 is plenty good) to try to make sure my weapon power stays high while I am blasting my target.

I forget what the engineer power is that gives system power, but that, red matter capacitor, emergency power to weapons, attack pattern beta, Tactical Team and some other abilities will help you boost your Weapons power, if you can't set the level that high.

Conversely, Emergency Power to the Shields not only only heals your shields, but give bonus power to your shield power, so you will be regenerating faster.

Does that make sense?

That totally makes sense. I have a script which will roll through a bar using one button, which makes combat much more efficient... what I'll do is drag a few power gen buttons to manual activation and run as needed, this way I don't waste an activation while out of combat. This way I can keep my power to shields higher for faster regen. Thanks Chris! Heck, I probably over think stuff.
Dont forget that Tac team boosts defense also in a way. It does this by redirecting shields to the facing that is taking damage.
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