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Full Version: Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class
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Thoughts? Experiences?? I was thinking about dropping some Zen for my Eng, just want to make a good purchase. With that said, any good C-Store Eng ships that are fun to fly and blow stuff up?
I went from a Assault Cruiser Refit to a Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit and it was well worth it. If you're going to spend the money buy this instead.

There is a way to buy this with only one fleet module but I can't remember what it is. I can't remember how I bought it.

For 2500 zen there are better options.
I'm down for anything Fleet... and honestly didn't even think of that. I'll spend the next 8 levels saving some EC so I can buy the Modules with EC. Great idea and thanks for the reply!!!! Smile
To get any fleet ship with one fleet module, you need to own the C-Store Tier 5 version of that ship. IIRC, the Fleet Advanced Cruiser refit is 5 ship modules, so it's probably worth it. Alhtough I'm pretty sure you need a tier 5 shipyard, which we don't (yet!).
It's an impressive looking ship, and I've heard really good things about it. The Assault Cruiser is supposed to be good to--but between the two, I'd go with the Excelsior, for looks if anything.

From personal experience, I absolutely love my support cruiser retrofit. If you weren't able to get one from the three year anniversary, you can pick up the Fleet version, which I believe has the highest hull of Fed cruisers (43,450). It's one of the few ships where you can use both Eject Warp Plasma and Gravity Well, a wicked combination.