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Full Version: Help with 1st Fed. Science Officer (skills)
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Starfleet Hello all, I am just hoping that someone can advise me on my planned science officer build (skill tree):
Note: my build has since-been adjusted to focus on fewer, more essential skills

Not too familiar with the specific science abilities, I want to be careful to avoid giving too many points to those which are less useful than others. I am basically aiming for a shields-tanking oriented fleet PVP/PVE toon - yet one with the versatility to be enjoyable playing stand alone episodes. My present build avails all science skills - will it be all that much less potent than one maximizing either the offensive/drain or defensive/healing skills? I try to avoid spending too much on red owing to the small returns compared to putting those points in other, less developed skills. Please let me know if you can think of any improvements that could be made.


You can check out my skill planner below, it's meant for a torpedo boat, also does decent healing and debuffing.
I went full torpedo so I won't have to have any points in weapon powers (torpedos doesn't require any power levels), thus I can focus solely on auxillary powers, ensuring my heals are always optimal.

If you need help adjusting the boffs and such, you can always approach me to assist you Smile

It's a decent build for pvp and pve, but it really have to see what ship you are going to pilot as a science.
Starfleet Thanks for the feedback!

The idea of a pure torpedo-build hadn't occurred to me, but makes sense considering the sci' officer's emphasis on auxiliary power and given his or her shield and energy drain capabilities. My understanding is that hull plating and armor reinforcements only affect damage resistance of the hull itself, and not the shields, which is why I haven't allocated points to either (figuring a science vessel is all about shields). Is the same true of the resistance given by combat armor on away team missions (i.e., effective only after your personal shield is down)? I wondered whether I should maybe have had a few points in impulse thrusters as sci' officers probably want to avoid being caught in the middle of a fight, but figured I could just as easily escape such situations using confuse/placate abilities. Does this make sense? My slightly altered build, adjusted to suit a torpedo attack in combination with shield/energy drain strategy, is here:

Note: my build has since-been adjusted to focus on fewer, more essential skills
Here is my attempt -

I've taken out a lot of the reds and put in some greens in places. For example, some green in Energy Weaps - in a sci ship you should run at least 1 beam somewhere to benefit from the subsystem targeting. If you're not running a sci ship then maybe it's not so important. But when I was running a sci char I found the subsystem targeting to be very useful. In an STF against a tac cube? Knock out the shields and everyone can just pound it for a bit - torps away! Everyone getting a bashing? Take out the weapons for a little while, give people some breathing space. Might not be the most noticeable activity in a group match, but it's very useful.

I also put some green in sub-system repair and batteries - if you need to pop a shield bat, you want it to work a while. And if you rely on shields, you want that subsystem to be up again if it's knocked out!

I also put a lot in to Power Insulators rather than just in Flow Caps - draining from other people is all well and good, but you want to stop people draining your shields, too! Especially if it's shields that are keeping you alive.

Just some thoughts.
Minor issues since-discovered:

I believed I could use a sci' officer as a shield tank (allowing me to substitute a more maneuverable science vessel for the traditional but lumbering cruiser-tank, but have since become frustratingly familiar with the issue of bleed-through. While a DPS-oriented sci' ship guide that I found ( seemed to argue in favor of covariant shields (owing to higher capacity), I found these to be irritatingly slow to recharge - especially when merely waiting, after a fight, for them to regenerate before continuing on some episode or exploration. I substituted a rare regenerative shield (with [reg]x2) and was very pleased to find that enemy weapons' damage could barely keep pace with my rate of shield regeneration. Trouble was, owing to bleed-through I still managed to die many times in PVE battles where my hull ultimately failed in spite of nearly full shields (and 100 shield power). Should I be using a hull repair modifier, or possibly a resilient shield array [reg]x2 (sacrificing a bit of recharge for the sake of minimizing bleed-through)? Also, owing to a number of things that I've read, I have since adjusted my build:

On the ground, it now focuses on healing and allies' buff skills (as i just find myself playing on the ground more as a healer), freeing the points to maximize weapon proficiency, medic, personal shield generator, and combat armor. In space, I've chosen to focus on fewer, select offensive skills (nominally, tachyon beam and gravity well) which frees points to bolster both my shield drain resistance and hull damage resistance ratings - which may in the future help to reduce my current issues with bleed-through. I've also put a number in batteries (as a pve or pvp skirmish rarely runs through to completion without my using a few), and three in driver coil (I know it's rather useless in combat terms, but just three-points at that tier are hardly worth anything at higher tiers, and I do get frustrated by the time it takes to get places in sector space).

I guess my main concern at the moment is whether or not it is still considered sound to go with a pure torpedo boat? I do like the fact that running a pure torpedo boat avails weapons' power for shields and auxillary. However, in combat, I also get frustrated by the 'cool down' period required between consecutive torpedo launches. Is a torpedoes-only build combined with shield drains still a good strategy? I could alternatively rebalance my tactical skills with six in each weapons type and three in each specialization by taking three out of warp core efficiency (figuring it only helps systems at minimal power levels), although this would reduce the effects of my torpedoes and therein potentially the advantage of my shield drains. Inversely, I've been told in this thread that I should have 'some' energy weapons for the sake of subsystem targeting. Any suggestions?
In my opinion (I'm also right), the Bridge Officer skills and the Duty Officers are the most important parts of your build. What are you using? Which ship?

Also that first guide - the dps one - is out of date.
(05-17-2013, 10:50 AM)SeedyGeorge Wrote: [ -> ]In my opinion (I'm also right), the Bridge Officer skills and the Duty Officers are the most important parts of your build. What are you using? Which ship?

Also that first guide - the dps one - is out of date.
I was thinking mainly tachyon beam and gravity well in space, and more healing and ally buffing on the ground.
Way I look at it is like carving something. Your main build is picking the right piece and type of wood. The Boff skills are all the carving you do to it. The Doff skills are the fine detail and sanding you finish up with.