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Full Version: B'rel vs Fleet Ning-tao
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So now that K'voQ is nearling the level cap, I've been thinking of my end game ships. I've got the Neg'vahr (Fafnir) and the Vo'quv (Grendel), but want one more tac-oriented ship.

I'm caught between the Fleet Ning'tao and the B'rel retrofit; each will end up costing me the same, effectively. Neither has great hull, though that's a BoP for you, and sheilds are okay. The really interesting thing is the battle cloak. After playing with the T'liss on tribble, I love it.

The Ning'toa seems the better choice with more hull and a better (arguably) Boff layout...but the B'rel has the enhanced battle cloak, and looks great. Iconic. Both of them seem like 'glass cannons' though...does anyone have experience with these ships?

(I should not that I'd build it as a hit and run ship, though I don't know if I want a torpedo boat, exactly.)
I know that some people rate the fleet Qin Heavy Raptor quite highly, and my ship that took me from 40 to 50 was the normal version. As a tac captain, it was pretty awesome.


It is indeed a tough choice and honestly, I wouldn't have my B'rel Retrofit at all, if it were not for the Free VA Ship Token that I got for being a Life-Time Subscriber. Both Ships are indeed rather weak, when want to use them it a conventional sense. The Hull and the Crew is rather low. Granted the Crew of the Fleet Ning'tao is more than twice that of the B'rel, the Hull is slightly better and the BOFF Layout could also be of advantage, but the B'rel Retrofit has the Enhanced Cloaking Device and that would make the difference for me, if I would be in your Shoes.

The Enhanced Cloaking Device has the Advantage, that you can fire Projectile Weapons (Torpedoes and Mines) without the need of manually dropping the Cloak. However this works only with Projectile Weapons. When you fire Projectiles, the Cloak drops and recloaks automatically. This was very nice for me during the 3rd Anniversary of our Fleet, when I had the rare occasion of destroying Attilio's Dreadnought a few times in PvP (Needless to say, that he got his revenge later. Smile ).
Even if you decide not to go for a pure Torpedo Boat, this may be a decivise advantage in combat. Imagine sneaking up on a Carrier or an Escort Carrier. You fire a Bio-Neural Warhead from 15 km out, change course, hit full Impulse and then drop the Cloak and fire at point-blank range, while the Carrier's Fighters are still intercepting and maybe get even hammered by your Bio-Neural Warhead.

I'm not telling you, that the B'rel Retrofit is better. In my opinion, there is neither a best Ship nor a best Build. It all comes down to what you make of it. So my advice is that you should really think about what you wanna do with a BoP, and then go for the Ship that fits your needs most.
Just in case, that you decide for the Fleet Ning'tao you should know, that the Fleet Ship Modules are sometimes available on the Exchange. So if you have the Energy Credits for them, then the Fleet Ning'tao might even be cheaper in the end.
I'd like to pick up a Qin at some point--that was my original plan, and I even got a couple from lock boxes..but I sold them on the exchange. Shou,d have held on to them, as there's one there now for something like 55 million! When it goes down again, I might pick that up.

I wanted the BoP because of the battle cloak--I've heard the enhanced battle cloak has some issues, but I gather it's mostly how well you use it. If you charge headlong into battle, of course you're going to get hit when you decloak after firing a torpedo--but if you're smart about it, it may not be as much an issue.

I never found mines to be very useful--but I was thinking about it yesterday while playing my brand new fleet tactical escort; I've been using mines on my cruisers, thinking it's a good way to "leave something behind." It doesn't really work, though, because I'm not moving fast enough to draw people in. I imagine with an escort (or BoP), you could lay a mine net, get out of there, and lure people into it. I'll have to try some mines on my tac.
I have been running the Fleet Qin since Tao made lvl 50. The extra console slots make it a DPS monster. It's a great ship and will run it off and on today. I'm currently in the Gurumba, which is AWESOME, but that's a different story Smile
If I were to go with the qin--which is a strong possibility--I'm not sure I'd go fleet. An extra ensign tac slot is nice, but al it's going to be used for (with my style anyway) is Tac Team, which I'd already have in another slot. I'd prefer the extra engineering slot.
Of course, it's got higher hull, shields, and the extra console...nothing to shake a stick at.
I highly recommend running two Tac Teams if you have the slots for it. That way you can have it running nearly 100% of the time.
(05-02-2013, 12:19 AM)Blakmage86 Wrote: [ -> ]I highly recommend running two Tac Teams if you have the slots for it. That way you can have it running nearly 100% of the time.
Quoted to highlight the truth of this. Damage increase and shield direction? Please!
Actually, I noticed the truth of this just the other night playing CC with my tactical escort. I'd thought they were on a shared cooldown, but was pleased to see I could alternate. A good idea after all.

I splurged and bought a mirror qin on the exchange the other night to try it out...then a master key for the hell of it. Opened a temporal lock box, and what do you think I got? A mirror qin. Tongue At least I was able to sell the second one and recoup my investment.