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Full Version: No T5 Ships from Allies for the Romulans
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Hi everyone,

I just read the Legacy of Romuls Dev Blog #9 and I am majorly disappointed. It is stated that

Quote:Romulan Captains cannot command, nor purchase/ claim, Tier 5 (Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Brigadier General, or Lieutenant General) ships from the faction that they have allied with.
So honestly, what is the point of allying with the Federation or the Klingon Empire anymore? I was so eager to see my Romulan in a Kar'Fi.

Quote:They cannot use Mirror Universe versions of Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Brigadier General, or Lieutenant General tier ships from the faction that they have allied with. Similarly, they cannot use faction-specific Temporal Ships, such as the Mobius; however, they are capable of using their ally’s Temporal Shuttles, however.
Are you fracking kidding me? I cannot even use the Mirro Vo'Quv I have sitting in my Account Bank? And what do I want with Temporal Shuttles?
Quote:Romulan Captains who open a lock box and receive a reward box containing a ship they cannot use will be unable to open the box, but will be able to trade the box or put it on the exchange.
This is most outrageous. If you cannot open a Box, then you KNOW that you are missing something awesome! And I bet you, that as soon as you trade it to one of your other Toons, you will get crap out of it.

I know, that STO is F2P, but this is just another way to make horrendous amounts of money, by forcing us to buy new Ships.

I'm pretty dissapointed too. I was planning on a B'rel retrofit and a Korath temporal science vessel for my Romulan to go with the tier 5 warbird. I hope they offer some decent alternatives in a Romulan lock box...their own versions of a temporal vessel, something like that.
As for the boxes, I think what they meant was that if you open a lock box, you won't be able to unpack the box the ship is in...though I agree that it's not entirely clear.

My guess, though, is that they'll change this at some point--it reeks of a business decision. If you limit level 50 Romulans to their own ships and only offer a few for free, more people may be inclined to buy Romulan C-store ships. And why do that if you already have access to KDF or Fed ships that players already know and love?
They'd best have a t5 rommie ship to rival the Kal'fi. But I won't be holding my breath. Why have this ally thing and then do this? Crazy talk.

Didn't they say that it will allow you to use the ships etc, which is why a lot of people were thinking KDF for the cloak! Grrrrrr, and double Grrrrrrr
I think you misread the lock box info. You can open the lock box, but might not be able to open the reward box. The reward boxes are for example mirror universe ships. They come in boxes and since Roms aren't allowed to use them, they can't open it.

I'm a little shocked that you can't use your ally's tier 5 ships, although I suspect it has something to do with balance and letting each faction retain their identities. If Roms start flying around in tier 5 Fed and KDF ships then how is it different from playing either of those factions?

EDIT: Just to reply to monty, you can use tier 4 and below ally ships. All romulan ships come with battle cloak already.


(04-20-2013, 02:43 PM)Attilio Wrote: [ -> ]I think you misread the lock box info. You can open the lock box, but might not be able to open the reward box. The reward boxes are for example mirror universe ships. They come in boxes and since Roms aren't allowed to use them, they can't open it.
LOL. Having read that particular section thrice again, I have to agree. Picard Facepalm Arrow self
The first point you quote is unfortunate but not unexpected, money is of course the motivation for this and its becoming all the clearer with everything they say. while i do not object to this as they are a business (and we would not have a game in which to complain about if they don't make profit), i don't like the way they are going about it.

If Romulans could use the ships of another faction it would only be fare for those other factions to use Romulan ships also, if that was the case then fewer players would bother to make a Romulan character in the first place or atleast would be less likely to buy some overpriced C-store ships. I say this because I like you would have chosen to claim a ship I already own rather than buy a new romulan ship (at least initially) and i'm sure many more would have done the same. As it stands now, people will reach 50 and want out of their T4 ships and be forced to buy one.

This claim is supported by the fact Romulans cannot use mirror ships and all but proven by the fact they will have no mirror ships of their own! Cryptic are evidently worried that players would be content to grind up to a T5 warbird while flying a perfectly decent mirror ship. They want to sell warbirds NOW!

I also suspect this may play some part in the lack of Romulan starbases, though i have not read anything about fleet ships so this is just speculation.
Think of it from Cryptics point of view, if immediate profit is your goal then do you;

A) force players to start a new starbase and wait months before they start buying fleet ship moduals.

B) Give them immediate access to everything so a bunch of players buy them now.

if they were going to allow cross faction ships then a simpler solution would be to simply add romulans as a playable race to both FED and KDF (with remans and warbirds as a c-store unlock) when you create a character.

This is all just business, as annoying as it is, it makes sense for them to do it and I could never see it happening anther way.

As such it is my opinion that the update in may will be a sort of beta for an instant cash boost and the full faction will come at a later date. Therefore i won't be buying anything Romulan until the faction is complete.
(04-20-2013, 03:15 PM)McWill Wrote: [ -> ]As such it is my opinion that the update in may will be a sort of beta for an instant cash boost and the full faction will come at a later date. Therefore i won't be buying anything Romulan until the faction is complete.
The faction is already complete. The only thing missing from the Romulan faction is their own fleet starbases. Everything else is unique to the Romulan faction. They have their own tutorial, episodes, ships, toons, etc. They even have their own fleet ships. The reason this faction doesn't have their own fleets is because Cryptic felt it would be unfair for fleets who put all this work into their current starbases to have to start all over. Frankly this is a benefit to fleets because now we'll have new toons joining and contributing to our current fleets.

Now I'm not saying you have to go and buy anything Romulan, but I am saying that the faction is complete. It's an undeniable fact. Of course there will always be new things added to it like the Fed and KDF have been getting.
I should perhaps clarify, i don't mean beta in the traditional sense of being a test or early draft, unpolished may be a better word.

While i agree it would be a pain to start a new starbase from scratch, it is a pain that is still inflicted on any KDF or FED fleets that wish to create a fleet in the opposing faction. It could be argued that rather than putting people on equal footing its giving a distinct advantage to older fleets. It has also been stated that they won't rule out the possibility of starbases in the future, at which point the burden to fleets return, albeit as an option burden.

I won't argue that having Romulans added to existing fleets is bad for them. But unless they are actually new members rather than just new toons from existing members, there won't be much difference in terms of overall contributions.
(It would be interesting to see if they are any romulan unique items required for future starbase projects, in which case there is undeniable benefit to have them in your fleet.)

Still, my point has more to do with the manner in which they deliver this content rather than the content itself, i'm actually hearing very positive things and i'm looking forward to it myself. The lack of unique lockbox rewards (and inability to use some existing ones), being unable to claim purchased T5 ships, and instant access to it all still seem to say "please buy a warbird now."

such unique rewards are likely to come in the near future and they may be more delicious than what is currently revealed, and it is for them that i shall wait to see before I part with even more cash.
I definitely wouldn't use the word unpolished to describe the Romulan faction. It's already better than the Federation and KDF factions were when the game first released lol. Back then the Fed was unpolished and the KDF was even worse haha. I guess it's just a matter of perspective.

I don't blame you for waiting to spend your money. Frankly just look at the Fed ships. They are always coming out with new ones and they'll of course do the same with Romulans. You can be sure that the next lock box will have rewards for all 3 factions. Mirror ships for each as well as a unique ship for all 3 factions.
I'm pretty disappointed as well. It looks like I'll wait to actually roll a Romulan, so I don't get frustrated with this and new bugs... at least a few weeks anyway Smile