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Full Version: TNG Recut
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Some of you may have seen these already but most won’t have so i have to share Big Grin

The TNG recuts follows the story of the Genocidal Captain Picard, the many clones of
Riker, with the murderous android Data and crew of the starship enterprise, during its continuing mission to destroy strange new worlds...

I think they are brilliant, not only does each character have a new and distinct personality but all 178 episodes follow a
linear story that somehow manages to develop said characters, form tropes and gags as it goes .

I’ve selected a few episodes that make sense without having to watch the prior episodes as an introduction.
Enjoy Smile

Ep 52 Wormhole- the enterprise discovers what appears to be
a stable wormhole.

Ep 31 Piliot error- a simple manoeuvre turns to disaster

Ep 110 Stratagem – picard is disturbed by a rude admiral

If you wish to watch more the full playlist is available
below. from the
insane genius of Major Grin.