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Full Version: Odyssey Fleet Uniform
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(04-17-2013, 11:56 AM)Hijaak Wrote: [ -> ]it is a shame no chat, that should be a fix Smile
Huh Could you clarify that?


(04-17-2013, 01:23 PM)ChrisHerr Wrote: [ -> ]I think he means that you can't see chat while you are working in the tailor.

Oh! Right! Well, it's just minimized and replaced by an icon of your faction. Just click on it and Chat is visible again.
I've checked - and it works! TacPaddy FTW!


(04-18-2013, 06:55 AM)Monty Wrote: [ -> ]I've checked - and it works! TacPaddy FTW!
You're welcome. Smile
So many smart folks here.... no wonder I'm only a Captain Wink
We all were there once and we're all still learning (look at the Borg Battling guide as an example!) - a good attitude to learning and trying things goes a long way.
I'll check out the Legion starbase tailor next time I'm in game--I like the wrist option especially, never liked the others that the KDF offers.

I really enjoy the uniform options too. Smile Actually, despite the relative lack of options, I prefer the KDF uniforms to the Fed side--I got the TOS uniform and wore those thin on my captain and boffs, but got bored. Now I can't really settle on anything for Alkut.
Ok so I'm not the only one that is detailing out my Boff team. I think I spent more time on Zane's Harem than I did on Zane himself. Of course that means the ladies are pretty much all in skirts and have good legs. Big Grin
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