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Full Version: Defera & Nukara Prime - Forgotten Worlds or Grinding Paradises?
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today Mon'T and I were out again on Defera to get some Fleet Marks and some Omega Marks. At some point I started to wonder. It seems, that the Adventure Zones on Defera (Borg Invasion of Defera) and Nukara Prime (Tholian Incursion) are either forgotten or completely unknown to some Players.

So let me tell you about those Adventure Zones. Adventure Zones are special Ground Maps for Level 50 Players ( Vice Admiral / Lt. General).
The Borg Invasion of Defera is the first Adventure Zone that Cryptic introduced. Defera is located in the Orellius Sector Block and is inhabited by the Deferi.
The Borg have invaded Defera and you need to help the Deferi in the defense of their home.
In four distinct locations you can do easy, medium and hard missions. While you get Fleet Marks and Omega Marks as a reward in each difficulty level. You can use the Fleet Marks on Starbase and Embassy projects to earn Fleet Credits. The Omega Marks can be used in the Omega Reputation System. You also earn special Crafting Materials, that you can use to craft Anti-Borg Equipment like Fractal Frequency Modulators. The hard missions also reward you with Invasion Boxes. Those Boxes contain random Equipment, that help you to combat the Borg. Those may be useful, if you are not yet maxed out in the Reputation System and do not posses high end Gear like the Adapted MACO / Honor Guard Sets. But most importantly, Defera is a nice Training Grounds for Ground STFs.

The second Adventure Zone that was introduced, came with the release of Season Six (when Fleet Starbases were introduced as well). You need to combat Tholians on the Class Y-Planet Nukara Prime. Nukara Prime is in the Nukara System, which is located in the Eta Eridani Sector Block. Since a Class Y Planet is a very hostile Environment, you need an EV Suit, which you can easily obtain from the Exchange or by playing "Boldly they rode". While there are not as many missions available as on Defera, these missions are a bit more challenging and are separated in two distinct locations. The missions reward you also with Fleet Marks. And you get Tholian Equipment Requisition Boxes. Those Boxes give you random Equipment that help you to combat the Tholian or drop a Set piece from the Crystalline Shell Set.

If you haven't tried them yet, then you should. They are fun. If you have already played them, then I welcome you to share your experiences with us.

LLAP / Qapla'!
I go to both when I need Omega marks, need to set up a event at one of the locations.
I'd be very much in favor of a fleet event on either or both zones. I just recently gained access to Defera on my main Fed toon and would welcome any opportunity to earn more OM's. And even if there's no fleet event, I'd be willing to team up with anyone in either zone. If I'm online, just give a holler.

Sirok - main STOA fleet
Jazzmyna - STOA Legion
Neemi - STOA Militia (not lvl 50 but can switch toons easily)
I can often be found at one of these during the FM event during business hours CET. Not ideal for a lot of people, I know!

Both are great fun when you're with a fleet mate or two - and as TP said, it's a great way to get used to ground action (especially against the Borg) but without too much pressure. Also for trying out different kits and how it works when playing with a team of Captains rather than an away team.

For the Legion (not sure about the Fed) it can be tricky finding enough people for the hard missions. With that, I don't think it's out of place to suggest the following channel - KDFdefera. Even when there are two or three Legionnaires, it can be handy to have more Smile

When I've been getting the Adapted HG set for Mon'T I needed the OMs as well as FMs, so did Defera - but I'm more than willing to do either really. Fortunately some of us are really old hares on these places now and can take away a lot of the confusion that can come at the start. Hope to see you all there, soon.

No idea why that bit was larger. Maybe it picked up on the fact that I really do hope to see you all there soon Big Grin
I came across Nukara Prime almost by accident--I didn't know about adventure zones, but the box that popped up talking about Tholians when I passed by the system caught my eye.
I had a blast! I haven't had the chance to go back (I'm enamoured of the New Romulus adventure zone now) but would love to go back. I'll keep an eye out for fleet mates!


Well, with the upcoming Tholian Reputation System and the introducing of Tholian Marks, I suppose Nukara Prime will regain a lot of Attention.
Nukara and Defera have strengths and weaknesses.

Deferera is an easier zone, overall, than Nukara, although plagued by bugs, (odd, you'd think Nukara would be buggier... ), and provides the wonderful Fractal Remodulator, which is better than the standard remodulator and makes a nice upgrade until you can get a complete set of Maco, Omega, or Honor Guard armor. As that is now easier and more predictable than it used to be, its actually slightly less attractive to hit Defera for that reason. The other major reason to hit Defera is to get Omega Marks without doing STFs, but keep in mind you won't get BNPs that way. The other drawback is that, while you can get nice stuff (I picked up a MK X Purple Disruptor Pulsewave Assault Gun that I still use), nothing is higher than MK X. Still, it's fun, productive, and a good way to get in some anti-borg ground practice.

Nukara is somewhat higher in difficulty than Defera, but will award some very useful items, such as nice environmental suits and up to MK XII very rare weapons. The Hard missions are especially difficult, which may interest those who like a challenge. The reward of fleet marks is also important to us, especially on the KDF side where we seem to be low on fleet marks generally. I'm looking forward to seeing what, if any, changes are made to support the Tholian Rep in the upcoming expansion.
I popped into a system last night and received a mission from Nukara Prime. I guess that's my invitation to head on over Smile