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Full Version: Favorite ship
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So what is your favorite ship in your fleet?
So far as being a Tactical officer mine would be the Breen Chel Grett warship, this thing can handle some punishment and dish out some damage.


For me, it's the Tuffli Class Freighter in non-combat situations. In Combat situations it depends on the situation as well as my mood. So I switch from the the Chel Grett to the Ambassador / Karamag to the Atrox / Kar'Fi. Recently, I tried to learn to love my Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer.

Tough choices. Smile
My favorite is my Wells Class Temporal Science Vessel- man do I enjoy her!

At the minute, the standard Kamarag. The way I've got it set up, it punches well above its weight, and can take a hit too, assuming I don't fall asleep at the wheel.
I just acquired a Jem' Hadar heavy escort carrier and so far the ship hasn't failed me yet.
I'm really enjoying playing my Kal'fi carrier, but also love the Peghqu' - I tried the Chel Gret on my KDF but it just didn't get on with it. It's a great ship on my Fed tac, though - but when she hits 50 I'm not sure if I'll be swapping out to the Chimera.

As for my sci captain, he's always in the mirror recon science ship. It's perfect for how I play him

EDIT - I didn't actually say what my favourite is. I know we can say "well, this ship for this situation.........." but then there must be a favourite. For me it's the Kal'fi - it looks great and the Phase Shift ability is great for when you get in to trouble. It's great fun circling Donatra and just ruining her Smile
Depends on my faction. KDF- Kar'fi Carrier by far, Fed - Easily the Dreadnought. Of the two probably the dreadnought.
I think that my favorite would have to be the Constitution Class most. I love my other vessels but that one is my
favorite. But, I don't like the smell that Captain Kirk left when he had the walking farts last month when he
came on board for an visit to my 3rd officer and his old squeeze. He tried to warn me to be nice to the Admiral but
their love for each other kept me in sick bay for a week afterwards.

Now my first officer is a nice guide on Risa. He can beam me down there anytime. :alien:


Malikius Wrote:I think that my favorite would have to be the Constitution Class most.
Don't get caught with it in a STF. Smile
ChrisHerr Wrote:While I think my Odyssey is still my favorite ship, for STFs and PVP I often use my Chel Grett or Armitage heavy escort carrier for a bit more punch!

Love the Sovereign just as I think its the best looking canon ship in the game. I will be switching over to a tac oddy pretty soon though myself.. First CStore ship..
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