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Full Version: Buying Doffs from Legion Base
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When I go to buy Doffs from the Legion Starbase, I can only buy common or uncommon. Is this a limit on me or on the current status of the base? As in, do I need to look again after we upgrade?
If you look again after we upgrade, there will be higher quality


It is due to the current status of the Legion Starbase. As the Starbase progress in its development, rare and even very rare Fleet DOFFs will become available. Take a look here for an overview, when which kind of Fleet DOFF will be unlockable.


EDIT: LOL, James was faster. xD
Thought that would be the case - it's confusing the way it displays things that you can't use!
MAN, I can't wait until we can get very rare... the Zen option is starting to suck.... LOL