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Full Version: Shield Emitter Amplifier vs Emitter Array
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Greetings all,

On several of my ships I have a hard time deciding on Science consoles (other then the Field Generator, which is excellent)

Looking at these two, I wanted to see if people have recommendations:

Console - Science - Shield Emitter Amplifier
The Shield Emitter Amplifier is a Science Console that improves the regeneration rate of a starship's shields.
This works for your ship without any abilities. Seems good.

Console - Science - Emitter Array
The Emitter Array is a Ship Science Console that improves shield repair and healing abilities such as Rotate Shield Frequency.

If you are using Transfer Shield Strength, Science team, etc then Emitter Array sounds good. But, between your use of it, then it doesn't so anything, while the Amplifier is working all the time.

I was brought up (well, since playing this game!) that regen on ship shields isn't really worth chasing. Not sure if it's still the case.

I might play with that, actually, as I notice that between fights my shields don't really get back up much.
I use actually two Shield Emitter Amplifiers to boost my Shield Regeneration Rate and so far, I've never been disappointed.
So far so good with mine today. This might be very interesting.............
I've never been overly impressed with Shield Regeneration, considering that what you're most scared of in combat is burst damage - typically mitigated with healing. And everyone is running shield heals, right? Emitter Arrays it is. For me, at least. When I can't afford Field Gens.
I use the console that gives a base % increase to your shields instead of either of those myself.