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Full Version: Alienware Giveaway key : anniversary
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Another giveaway from alienware arena, this one has :
What you'll get in the Anniversary Pack:
  • 1 22nd Century M.A.C.O. Pulse Rifle
  • 12 Inventory Slots
  • 1 Small XP Boost

The inventory slot are tempting ^-^
All items are bound to account, not on pickup, which is nice so you can distribute amongst toons as you see fit.
It's a 150K experience boost.
But for some reason the rifle can't be upgraded. Others have noticed too.
Another giveaway!
Crucial's giving away :
  • 1 Zhat Vash Disruptor Pistol (not upgradable, like the MACO rifle - bug?)
  • 12 Bank Slots
  • 1 Small XP Boost (also 150K)
Thank you for posting these giveaways, I think everyone appreciates the heads up!
To commemorate this impressive milestone, we’re teaming up with Star Trek Online, HyperX, and IDW Publishing to give away over $5,000 worth of prizes. Our exclusive competition features one grand prize containing the following items:
  • Cloud Alpha Headset, Alloy Origins Core Keyboard, Fury Ultra RGB Mousepad, and a Pulsefire Haste Mouse from HyperX
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Seven’s Reckoning, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Universe Collection, Star Trek: Year Five -Odyssey’s End (Book 1) , Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath, and Star Trek: Picard: Countdown from IDW Publishing
  • A digital code to unlock the United Earth Defense Force Vessel for Star Trek Online on Arc Games
To top it off, an additional 250 runners up winners will be randomly selected to win a key to unlock the Federation Elite Starter Pack for Star Trek Online on PC.

(Note : United Earth Defense Force Vessel is the one that looks like a giant elephant head. Fly at your own risk)