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Full Version: KDF Carriers
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So, I toyed with making a poll, but wanted a more open discussion -

Kar'Fi or Mirror Vo'quv carrier? I have the Kar'fi but consider buying a mirror vo'quv but not sure it's an upgrade really.

What are the plus/minus points in the eyes of the fleet..............


As Chris mentioned, the Mirror Vo'Quv Carrier is going more towards Engineering, while the standard Vo'Quv Carrier is more Science based. The BOFF Layout on both Carriers is the same. Those are the major differences:

+10 Power to Aux
Subsystem Targetting
3 Engineering Console, 4 Engineering Consoles, 4 Science Consoles

Mirror Vo'Quv
+5 Power to Weapons | +10 Power to Aux
no Subsystem Targetting
4 Engineering Consoles, 3 Science Consoles, 2 Tactical Consoles
Hmmmmm - I have a cruiser and will get another one soon, so I might just stick with the Kalfi unless the Mirror Vo'quvs get to the 150k mark


You have hopes, that it will drop that far down?
I can dream, like the fed mirror ships
But the Kar'fi has those awesome frigates. Cant say which is better as I have never used or seen the mirror Vo'Quv