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Full Version: Any player still have all missions that were removed from the game years ago?
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Like the subject line says,  I am just wondering if there are any players still around from years ago that kept all of the older episodes or missions  in their quest log before they were removed from the game ?    
These episodes should still be sharable and playable  if you still have them  in your quest log.   So if you happen to see this,  I just wanted you to join my team  and share the quests to me.  Would be very grateful for your time,  thanks.  Reply below with your character name  so I can whisper you in-game. 
I don’t have the full list of removed episodes but if you click on the links below,  this should be some of them.
Its also possible that you might have the original versions of the missions that are called “Stranded in Space,” “Diplomatic Orders,” “Researcher Rescue,” “Secret Orders,” and “Doomsday Device.  These versions might still be playable too.
I'd have to check. I know often when I log in all get an alert that some mission progress was reset because the mission was removed or updated, so I wonder if you will still be able to do the old ones-
Good luck, I'll let you know if I find anything in my logs.