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Full Version: Returning Player - ship/development focus
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I am a returning player to STO, cheers for the fleet invite. 
I have a 65 Jem'Hadar Engineer who is currently flying the Dreadnaught Cruiser as a beam boat (ish). Want to know what to be working on each day/focussing on. I like the Cruiser but it's a bit meh just sitting there and waiting for everything to die from Beam Fire at Will. Is it possible for a Jem (Fed Side) to get a B'rel Stealth Torpedo type fun ship? 
For reference I have a 61 Fed, 50 Klingon Engi, and a 50 Romulan Eng 

Big question - are T5 ships viable? Should I just be grinding out dilithium/EC to get t6 ships?

Any tips on minimum reqs to do the medium difficulty TFOs?
Boff skills to pick up?
R&D|Admiralty|Duty Officers - what to focus on?
Ship Equipment:
Should I focus on getting specific gear items or replay certain missions? Leave off upgrading till the end/upgrade event? 
A lot of links I'm finding on the internet are at least 1+ yrs old and I don't know which ones are still relevant given the changes over the last couple year. 

I'm tempted to start a Romulan Tact and make a Stealth torpedo build but no idea if that is even a thing anymore. Is it possible/viable?

I'm currently sinking my meagre dilithium into getting Phoenix upgrades stockpiled. 
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated, as well as how to get an invite to the discord ha!
Sure they are viable as you can upgrade them .There are some really good ones out there.The Fleet version is good to use as well .I do the same thing farm for dilth. for zen.