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Full Version: Discord access?
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Hello all,

I just started playing recently and joined STO a few days ago.  I noticed that in order to be promoted to Fleet Captain I need to hop on Discord.  I put in my username which does correctly show up in the "Security Clearance Certificate".  I have joined the STO chat in the game, but do not have the "Subspace Comms L1 Certificate".  I put in my @username into the voice chat link and never get the Discord invite, so I cannot get the "Subspace Comms L2 Certificate".

Like I said, I am new.  So, I presume I am doing something wrong.  Would anyone be willing to help me sort out what I need to do to get to Fleet Captain rank?

Subadmiral Vikah
RRF Tactical Officer
Follow the instructions found here

I moved this thread to the Fleet Discussions forum.