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Full Version: Need help learning the ropes.
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Hello fellow Trekkers  Starfleet
I really enjoy STO, but i dont know what i am doing.
I am flying a Jem'hadar Vanguard Carrier
but right now i am guessing on, what stats i should pick on all my stuff, and i have tried to seach the internet and im not really getting any wiser. 
Can someone link me to a place where i can read about every stat i can get on my gear.?
What stats are good for exotic skills (and why)?
What stats are good for hangar pets (and why)?
how should i set my power levels ect?
What Prof are you? I tend to find a Grav Well centric build on the Carriers works well, especially when combined with Subspace Vortex as you can place both at the same time. If you'd like, I can upload my Jem Carrier build to give you a good place to start?