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Full Version: 10th Anniversary Klingon/Federation Ship
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Good day Captains,

  I was excited to see the 10th Anniversary ship, as it looks pretty sweet-

  The design seems pretty neat with a mix of Federation and Klingon styles.  (I'll be curious what we can customize....)

I've started the yearly grind and have the first two days completed out of the 20 I need.   Still 28 days to go in the event, so you can certainly join in even if you haven't started yet.  (You still have time to start and then take a week off!)

PS:>  The 10 year anniversary popper that has all the previous anniversary popper effects is pretty sweet-
Greetings Captains,

  I earned the ship today and while I haven't been able to think about any good builds yet to improve it, it doesn't disappoint!

Hey there! Smile

The "Khitomer" is a great ship - especially when using Antiproton weapons due to its special console. 
What is more I think this vessel is a beauty and one of the prettiest ships you can command. I like the mixture of Klingon and Federation design. Fun fact: the ship's name is written in Latin letters on one side of the saucer and in Klingon letters on the other.

Personally I play the Khitomer offensively using the following bridge officers:

Commander Engineering
  • Emergency Power to Shields I
  • Emergency Power to Weapons II
  • Directed Energy Modulation II
  • Auxiliary to Battery III
Lt. Commander Science
  • Science Team I
  • Hazard Emitters II
  • Gravity Well I
Lt. Commander Tactical
  • Tactical Team I
  • Torpedo: Spread II
  • Beam Array: Fire at Will III
Lieutenant Universal (Tactical)
  • Tactical Team I
  • Attack Pattern: Beta I
Ensign Universal (Engineering)
  • Engineering Team I

I don't know if this is the best setup, but I'm having lots of fun with it.

See you around! Smile


The exterior looks of the Khitomer are awesome, but I'm sad that Cryptic missed the change to give the Hybridship an awesome interior as well. Well, by now I should be used to that...
Got the ship... some work required.