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Full Version: Help stepping up my dps
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Hello !  

I would like advice on what should be the next steps / next items i should try and get to bump my dps a bit higher.

Here is the link to my character:

For some reason, some weapon stats i can't modify. Everything the shows Acc/dmg, what i have is actually CrD/Dmg

I downloaded Sto combat meter and to give an idea of where i'm at, did a pug ISA a few minutes ago and it gave me this result:

-I am mostly F2P. 
-I have access to 20M EC ish, which can be doubled decently fast by selling a few keys.
-All reps to T6 completed
-I have around 300k fleet credits.
-I have a full 5/2 set of Mk15 Antiproton DBB + Omnis and Mk15 Targetting-linked phaser DBB if need be

-I am slowly opening boxes as i earn keys to get me lobis for the Console - Tachyokinetic Converter, then the Bio-Neural infusion Circuits.
-Bear in mind, i have the ships i have, so my traits are what i own.  When i complete the coupon ship, i will get the Malem, so i can get withering barrage.
-I am working towards transitioning towards 1x aux2bat + 1x photonic officer 1 to remove my duplicate CSV and attack patterns.
-My consoles that aren't MK15 already is because i'm unsure if they will be keepers, so i didn't want to invest upgrades before having advices on the better ones for me. For the same reasoning, my 2 locators are candidates to be upgraded to exploiters. (CrH:32,2%, CrD:173,6%), all SRO's except one.