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Full Version: Friendly Reminder from VADM coolkirk
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I was just checking through the bank of STO Academy Militia today and found a ton of items in places that they shouldn't be.  Please take a moment to read the fleet bank rules on our armada site before you try to donate items.  We appreciate all that you kind people give us, but at this point we are not accepting:
  • Tribbles
  • Space/Ground items of Common or Uncommon quality or lower than mark viii
  • Batteries/Hypos of normal size (Large is ok!)
  • Lockboxes
In addition please make sure your contributions are going in the right place.  Space Items is for weapons, consoles, and equipment, not deployable turrets or batteries.  Ground Items is for weapons, armor, and shields, not hyposprays.  If the place you are trying to place your contribution in is full, please hold onto it until space opens up.

As always, the full rules can be found on the armada website at

Thanks for reading!

Vice Admiral @coolkirk1701
What happened to the Tribble sanctuary we were running for the Klingons?

In seriousness though, I will ensure any donations I make go to the correct place, as well as maintaining my minor OCD that the Fleet EC value stays as a round number!
And now that I know such an OCD exists, I will be sure to always add 1 EC to your round numbers Tongue
*Gasp* You monster!